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Scribal Profile
Hand 1
Current Manuscript:London, British Library MS Harley 1239
Sampled Folios:9r
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Usage: what
regular single compartment lower case 'a' used throughout.
Usage: And
the scribe uses three different forms of upper case 'A' on this folio.
Usage: And
the lower compartment of 'A' is usually connected back to the stem with hairline strokes.
Usage: As
Usage: dere
the scribe's hand is very even thus there is almost no variation at all in this letter. Looped 'd' used throughout.
Usage: gode
tailed 'g' is used throughout.
Usage: strenghe
the scribe uses a 'gh' combination omitting the 't'.
Usage: bryng
Usage: Gif
upper case 'G'.
Usage: schal
the basic form of 'h'. The counter-clockwise turn of the tail varies in length.
Usage: How
upper case 'H' as the first letter of a line. All the scribe's initial letters are quite elaborate.
Usage: Than
the second letter following the red ink capital which begins the verse. All other initial letters of stanzas are followed by a second upper case letter so this is probably the scribe's more usual upper case 'H'.
Usage: for the loue
on the top line of verse and one of the two decorated 'h's there.
Usage: dere
long 'r' used as well as 'z'-shaped 'r'.
Usage: matere
'z'-shaped 'r' used in all positions including final position, as well as long 'r'.
Usage: myrrour
double 'rr' using both graphs.
Usage: maner
long 'r' with flourish in final position.
Usage: this
sigma 's' always used as final letter.
Usage: gesse
long 's' used initially and medially.
Usage: Sche
upper case 'S'.
Usage: Som tyme
elaborate upper case 'S' as the first letter of a line.
Usage: worde
lower case 'w'. The two limbs lean to the left.
Usage: alwey
the left limb angles left at the head whilst the middle arm turns to the right.
Usage: With
upper case 'W' at the beginning of a line.
Usage: What
another example of upper case 'W' at the beginning of a line. The left limb has a knid of wing attached to its lower side.
Usage: seyde
the tail of 'y' varies from stanza to stanza from short to very long.
Usage: euery
Usage: myrrour
Upper Case Letters
Usage: Lat
Usage: Take
Usage: Ȝit
Usage: Katche
Usage: ȝow
yogh used as representative of 'y'.
Usage: ȝe
Usage: Ȝit
Usage: I
almost always short and totally undistinguished as a single tapering line.
Usage: I
Usage: If
only where 'I' begins a line of verse is it in any way different from the examples in versions 1 and 2.
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