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Scribal Profile
Current Manuscript:Cambridge, Pembroke College Fragments MS 312, frag. C/6
Folios:One folio only
Sampled Folios:1r
Example Page:Display a full page showing this scribe's hand
Image Rights:Reproduced with permission of the Master and Fellows of Pembroke College, Cambridge. All images on this website are reproduced with permission of the Libraries, Archives, and Owners of the manuscripts. Manuscript images that appear on this website remain in the copyright of the libraries where the manuscripts are held. Use of these images for any purpose other than private study without written permission of those libraries is prohibited by law.
Usage: and
single compartment 'a' is used.
Usage: bacon
Usage: And
Usage: Arise
two versions of upper case 'A'.
Usage: declined
(first 'd') a rounded looped 'd'.
Usage: had
'd' is sometimes open in the centre.
Usage: pesecodd(es)
the lower lobe of 'd' can also be angular.
Usage: And don
Usage: gold
'g' is double compartment.
Usage: hung(er)
the 'er' abbreviative mark is attached to the horizontal slash.
Usage: longe
hairlines connect the strokes of the lower compartment.
Usage: Gre
Usage: hele
Usage: haste
the looped head of 'h' frequently has a horizontal aspect.
Usage: what
Usage: Hung(er)
upper case 'H' at the beginning of a line.
Usage: recordid
both long 'r' and modern 'r' are used.
Usage: Sir
long 'r' in final position with flourish.
Usage: reson
modern 'r' in initial position.
Usage: for
'z'-shaped 'r' is used after 'o'.
Usage: sum
sigma 's' is used in initial position.
Usage: his
the scribe uses mainly kidney shaped 's' in final position.
Usage: þis
he occasionally uses '8'-shaped 's'.
Usage: schewed
the head of long 's' ligatured with the following 'c'. Long 's' is used in initial position as well as the sigma version.
Usage: wronge
Usage: schewed
occasionally the limbs of 'w' extend quite a way above surrounding graphs.
Usage: rewth
Usage: While
upper case'W' which is the same as the lower case versions.
Usage: lithly
'y' varies in the length, curvature and angle of turn of the tail-stroke.
Usage: my
Usage: ys
Usage: may
Thorn and Yogh
Usage: makiþ
thorn is used frequently.
Usage: þu
Usage: ȝif
Usage: ȝit
Upper Case Letters
Usage: Neiþ(er)
Usage: Be
Usage: Ne
Usage: Til
Upper Case I
Usage: I
upper case 'I' appears in a number of forms. This example is from the beginning of a line, hence the head-stroke extended into the left margin.
Usage: I
Usage: I
Usage: I
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