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Scribal Profile
Current Manuscript:London, British Library MS Harley 3490
Sampled Folios:8r, 191v
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Usage: gouernaunce
single compartment lower case 'a' is used throughout.
Usage: and
Usage: And
the simpler form of upper case 'A'.
Usage: And
this much more complicated version of upper case 'A' is used frequently by the scribe.
Usage: dedde
looped 'd' is used throughout and is amazingly consistent.
Usage: good
'd' in final position has a brief upward extension of the loop stroke.
Usage: myddle
Usage: Do
upper case 'D'.
Usage: good
tailed 'g' is used throughout with horned head and counter-clockwise turn of the tail.
Usage: Preyng
'g' in final position with curl on the extended horizontal stroke.
Usage: greued
a tail which turns clockwise and extends in a horizontal line beneath preceding graphs.
Usage: Gabinos
Usage: he
looped head grazing the shoulder, and a short limb with tiny tail-stroke curling clockwise.
Usage: wich
a crossed 'h' after 'c'.
Usage: homi(n)es
a more elaborate 'h' perhaps because it is from the Latin gloss.
Usage: He
a different form of upper case 'H'.
Usage: rede
modern 'r' is used occasionally in initial and final positions.
Usage: rede
'z'-shaped 'r' is used almost all the time and in every position.
Usage: super
Usage: Rome
upper case 'R' with looped approach stroke to the long curving stem of the graph.
Usage: sones
long 's' is used in initial position. The stem is generally short and fat with a head-stroke which forms a triangle and a small point at the base of the stem.
Usage: maners
kidney 's' is used in final position.
Usage: lasse
Usage: So
upper case 'S'.
Usage: was
the left limb of 'w' is much taller than the rest of the graph.
Usage: werre
Usage: fewe
even within a word, the left limb extends above the top of surrounding graphs.
Usage: With
the upper case graph is the same as the lower case one.
Usage: hym
the body of 'y' varies little. The tail varies in length and curvature.
Usage: may
Usage: tirannye
'y' may be dotted.
Usage: ofte tyme
in the lower margin the tail of 'y' is extended, elaborately looped and decorated with two pairs of short parallel lines.
Upper Case Letters
Usage: The
Usage: Ben
Usage: Liche
Usage: Preyng
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