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Scribal Profile
Current Manuscript:England, British Library MS Sloane 1212
Sampled Folios:85v
Example Page:Display a full page showing this scribe's hand
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Usage: at
there are basically two forms of lower case 'a', single compartment 'a' and one which appears to be a hybrid of the other two. Here the flat angled head of 'a' is a fine straight line.
Usage: larger
a more oval lobe for this 'a' with a perched stroke at the head.
Usage: grace
a hybrid of the other two forms.
Usage: A
double compartment upper case 'A'.
Usage: dooth
'd' with pointed lower lobe and loop above.
Usage: and
occasionally the scribe seems to overload his nib with ink which forms blotches on some letters.
Usage: And
final 'd' with tail used several times on this folio.
Usage: due
Usage: largesse
a simple form of tailed 'g'. All the scribe's 'g's have short tails.
Usage: kyng
'g' in final position often has a short horizontal extension from the centre of the lobe.
Usage: largesse
'g' with horned head and tail stroke which bulges out to the right before turning to end beneath the graph.
Usage: larger
a graph with similar evidence of over-inking as the one in version 2 of 'd'.
Usage: haue
the scribe's standard form of 'h' with triangular looped head and short curving limb.
Usage: he
occasionally the tail from 'h' flicks counter-clockwise at the end.
Usage: strecchith
'h' combined with 't' or 'g' is usually crossed.
Usage: Right
in the 'ght' combination the 'h' is also crossed.
Usage: right
short modern 'r' used in all positions except after 'o' and 'e'.
Usage: fer
'r' in final position with flourish.
Usage: ferther
'z'-shaped 'r' is used after 'o' and 'e'.
Usage: Right
upper case 'R'.
Usage: algatis
sigma 's' is always used in final position within the text (see version 4). It is used occasionally in initial position also.
Usage: strecche
long 's' is used in initial and medial positions.
Usage: largesse
Usage: dicas
kidney-shaped 's' is used in final position in the gloss in the left margin which is in the hand of the scribe and the ink of the text.
Usage: welle
'w's are formed in similar fashion with two seemingly separate elements and a single lobe to the right.
Usage: whiche
the top loops vary in size.
Usage: alway
occasionally the loop above the second element of the graph is slightly above the loop over the first.
Usage: Wher
the upper case graph is exactly the same.
Usage: Victory
the scribe's 'y' generally has a short tail which does not descend much below the body of the graph. There is usually a small turn counter-clockwise to end.
Usage: wynne
the left arm of the graph is gently curved.
Usage: chynchis
Usage: day
the graph in this example comes at the end of a line. Here the tail is taken up and ends as a punctus. The word at the end of the following line also ends in 'y' and also has a punctus attached.
Thorn and Yogh
Usage: þan
some of the scribe's thorns are difficult to distinguish from 'y'. The left arm of the graph is shortened and the scribe treats the right arm as he would when writing 'y'.
Usage: þenke
in this example the stem is longer and the lobe is attached separately nearer the top.
Usage: ȝeue
yogh is used as equivalent to 'y' at the beginnings of words.
Usage: noȝt
yogh is also used as equivalent to 'gh'.
Elaborate Upper Case Letters
Usage: And
elaborate 'A' at the beginning of the stanza and the top of the folio.
Usage: Largesse
again a stanza marker.
Usage: Victory
no space is left between stanzas so the elaborate upper case letter serves to distinguish.
Usage: The verteu
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