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Scribal Profile
Current Manuscript:London, British Library MS Harley 4912
Sampled Folios:43r
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Usage: and
the shape of the lower case 'a' varies little on this folio.
Usage: And
upper case 'A' at the beginning of a line.
Usage: And
another example of a different upper case 'A', again at the beginning of a line.
Usage: And
yet another type of upper case 'A' to begin a stanza.
Usage: god
this form of unlooped 'd' is used interchangeably with v2.
Usage: Cupyde
Usage: dwelle
a third type of lower case 'd' found as the initial letter in at least five words on this folio.
Usage: glorifie
'g' used in initial position. The upper compartment is not always closed.
Usage: comyng
'g' used in final position. The lower compartment is oval in shape.
Usage: Gou(er)naunce
upper case 'G'.
Usage: he
'h' as the initial letter of a word. Where 'h' begins a word, it nearly always has a foot beneath the stem on the left side. The head is left open.
Usage: thyng
looped head-stroke resting on the top of the shoulder.
Usage: lowgh
'gh' combination with limb and then tail-stroke flicked to the right rather than curving clockwise as in the previous examples.
Usage: his
'h' with heightened ascender on top line of verse.
Usage: ryght
an example of long 'r' as the initial letter.
Usage: nomor
z'-shaped 'r' in final position. This 'r' occurs more frequently than long 'r' and is not confined merely to following 'o'.
Usage: your
final 'r' with flourish. The 'z'-shaped 'r' is more usually found in final position.
Usage: keys
sigma 's' in final position.
Usage: semyth
a typical long 's' with thick tapering stem and fine head stroke.
Usage: Cresseyde
Usage: She
the first letter of a new stanza and therefore slightly more exaggerated.
Usage: threw
looped anglicana 'w' with three mainly even loops.
Usage: Wtowtyn
this current form of 'w' is used both within a word as here, or as an initial letter.
Usage: why
'w' in initial position with lead-in stroke.
Usage: With
used as the initial letter of a line of verse.
Usage: Wtowtyn
'y' varies in the length and angle of the tail-stroke.
Usage: semyth
Usage: keys
Upper Case Letters
Usage: And
some of the scribe's upper case letters have a spidery aspect as here with the initial upper case letter of a stanza.
Usage: But
another upper case letter used at the beginning of a stanza.
Usage: ffell
the first letter of the opening stanza of the folio.
Usage: Ioye
upper case 'I'.
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