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Scribal Profile
Current Manuscript:England, London, British Library MS Harley 1900
Sampled Folios:1r, 74v, 156r,
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Image Rights:Reproduced with permission of The British Library. All images on this website are reproduced with permission of the Libraries, Archives, and Owners of the manuscripts. Manuscript images that appear on this website remain in the copyright of the libraries where the manuscripts are held. Use of these images for any purpose other than private study without written permission of those libraries is prohibited by law.
Usage: mageste
the scribe uses double compartment 'a' throughout.
Usage: auctorite
Usage: Anno
an unusual cursive form of upper case 'A' often found in documents copied into the London Letter Books where 'A's such as this are used for lists of 'A'ldermen.
Usage: Also
the type of 'A' frequently selected by scribes copying 'Confessio Amantis' manuscripts; used usually for the glossing of 'Amans' in the margins.
Usage: lordschip
the scribe's 'd's are unlooped and usually follow this pattern with curve at the top of the down-stroke.
Usage: goode
there are occasional examples of looped 'd'.
Usage: lond
an upright example with oval lobe.
Usage: Dardanus
upper case 'D' with dash in the centre.
Usage: grete
'g' varies little and is always double compartment with angled head.
Usage: wiþsigge
Usage: spekyng
there is a slight lip between the horizontal stroke where it leads from the middle of the angled right side of the upper lobe. This 'g' is in final position and almost all final 'g's have a downward slash stroke attached.
Usage: Grecia
upper case 'G' with double parallel line decoration.
Usage: heepis
'h' varies only in the haste with which the scribe forms the graph. The tail-stroke usually curves round clockwise and ends just to the left of the base of the stem.
Usage: hond
occasionally the tail flicks in reverse.
Usage: knowelech
'h' is rarely crossed but here in final position it follows 'c'.
Usage: Hircanus
there does not appear to be any distinction between the scribe's upper and lower case 'h'.
Usage: power
long 'r' is the most frequently used 'r' graph. It is used in all positions.
Usage: 'whider
very occasionally, modern 'r' is used.
Usage: ordinau(n)cis
'z'-shaped 'r' is used after 'o'.
Usage: Romayns
upper case 'R' with sweeping approach stroke.
Usage: statutes
long 's' is used in initial and medial positions.
Usage: kyngdoms
final 's' is always 8-shaped. The graph is usually slightly bigger than those preceding.
Usage: slyliche
an occasional sigma 's' in initial position.
Usage: So
this 'S' is not just a one-off. The scribe makes use of this form several times on the folios consulted.
Usage: wilne
'w' is the scribe's most varied graph. There are many more variations which there is not room to show. On some folios a particular style is favoured and on others it may be different.
Usage: write
here 'w' with looped head and closed top.
Usage: drew
all forms of 'w' have a double lobe feature to the right.
Usage: wer(e)
a mixture of all styles.
Usage: contrary
in contrast with 'w', 'y' is very evenly copied. It is almost always dotted and there is not a huge variation in the angle and length of the tail.
Usage: y holde
Usage: praye
Usage: myȝty
Thorn and Yogh
Usage: strengþe
thorn is ubiquitous, being used as the initial letter of pronouns, adjectives and articles as well as present tense third person singular verb endings and elsewhere to replace 'th'.
Usage: nediþ
Usage: nouȝt
yogh is also used readily in all situations.
Usage: ȝe
Upper Case Letters
Usage: Pilg(ri)mes
Usage: De
Usage: Iupit(er)s
Usage: Constantyn
Usage: Dialogus
the initial letter on the first folio decorated with ink.
Usage: Ptholomeus
Usage: Now
a face is drawn inside the letter.
Usage: The scribe's chapter numbers in rubric.
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