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Current Manuscript:London, British Library MS Arundel 119
Sampled Folios:66r
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Usage: a
secretary 'a' used almost exclusively within the text.
Usage: And
double compartment 'A' used for upper case letter and occasionally where 'A' stands alone.
Usage: altitude
Usage: forward
d' in final position with slash stroke attached which is found on 'f', 't', and also occasionally on 's'.
Usage: degree
occasionally the lobe of 'd' is more pointed.
Usage: degree
Usage: degree
Usage: menyg
'g' in final position with flourish.
Usage: the
'h' is copied slightly on a slant.
Usage: thyn
the limb stroke almost always tapers at the end.
Usage: the
the word is in the heading.
Usage: which
an example of crossed 'h'.
Usage: ryȝt
long 'r' and 'z'-shaped 'r' used in all positions.
Usage: prikke
Usage: sterre
'rr' combination using both types of 'r'.
Usage: sterr(e)
the same combination in the word 'sterr(e)' but with final flourish to replace the 'e'.
Usage: almyca(n)t(er)as
kidney-shaped 's' in final position.
Usage: his
round 's' in final position.
Usage: side
long 's' in initial position.
Usage: forward
Usage: wel
Usage: knowe
'w' used on top line of incipit.
Usage: latytude
frequently presented with a dot above the 'y'.
Usage: eny
Usage: gay
Usage: wayte
unusual return on tail of 'y'. However, this word is on the bottom line of text so there is room for the scribe to extend the tail.
Yogh and Thorn
Usage: ȝody
Usage: ryȝt
Usage: þer
Usage: þe
Usage: fixe
'x' is a neatly and consistently executed letter.
Usage: excepcyo(u)n
Abbreviative marks
Usage: wheth(er)
'r' with flourish.
Usage: tret(is)
is/es abbreviation.
Usage: co(n)clusyon
'n' with flourish.
Usage: co(n)clusyonys
macron over 'o'.
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