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Current Manuscript:London, British Library MS Additional 29250
Sampled Folios:17r
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Usage: table
lower case 'a' is always a single compartment secretary letter form.
Usage: Artike
Usage: Aries
several upper case 'A's have a space between the bowl and the descender.
Usage: declinacion
unlooped 'd' used throughout.
Usage: hede
the word is on the top line thus the slightly extended descender.
Usage: consider
showing the two separate strokes for 'd'.
Usage: degree
typical tailed 'g' formation.
Usage: height
Usage: grete
the first stroke for the bowl of 'g' is generally lower than the second but that is not the case here.
Usage: hede
the looped head of 'h' crosses the top of the shoulder.
Usage: this
the tail-stroke is usually neatly contained.
Usage: North
crossed 'h' after 't' in final position.
Usage: Understonde
'z'-shaped 'r' used in every position.
Usage: Northwarde
Usage: rekenyng
Usage: Region
upper case letter.
Usage: this
this 's' is always used in final position.
Usage: is
an example which clearly shows the stages of the formation of the letter.
Usage: Orisonte
long 's' is used medially and in initial position.
Usage: knowe
cursive 'w' with extended left limb whatever its position in the word.
Usage: knowe
Usage: compewned
Usage: lyue
the most usual shape of 'y' in medial position.
Usage: eny
with 'y' in final position the tail tends to be straight with little or no turn.
Usage: many
Usage: bene
final 'e' almost always has a horned top and an upward stroke to finish.
Usage: table
frequently the finishing stroke on final 'e' is formed by a release of pressure showing as a lighter colour of ink.
Usage: 'latitude
occasionally the final stroke is detached from the 'e'.
Usage: Northwarde
upper case 'N' used initially.
Usage: North
Usage: North
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