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Scribal Profile
Current Manuscript:London, British Library MS Harley 2421
Sampled Folios:24v
Example Page:Display a full page showing this scribe's hand
Image Rights:Reproduced with permission of The British Library. All images on this website are reproduced with permission of the Libraries, Archives, and Owners of the manuscripts. Manuscript images that appear on this website remain in the copyright of the libraries where the manuscripts are held. Use of these images for any purpose other than private study without written permission of those libraries is prohibited by law.
Usage: mayst
almost no variation from this letter shape which is used throughout.
Usage: sup(er)ba
two compartment 'a' used in titles.
Usage: Cam
shortened version of 'Capitulum' in rubric.
Usage: þider
the formation of 'd' is also almost invariable. The scribal hand is extremely controlled and even.
Usage: duelle
Usage: feeld(es)
'd' with 'es' abbreviation attached. The scribe uses this abbreviation several times on this folio.
Usage: tourned
'd' in final position with tail.
Usage: nought
tailed 'g' used throughout. The tail may vary in length.
Usage: chau(n)gen
Usage: chau(n)gyng
sometimes the scribe continues the tail round to link up with the upper lobe.
Usage: to(ur)ny(n)g
final 'g' with macron above to stand for missing 'n'.
Usage: hande
the head-stroke of 'h' is gently curved, resolving on the top of the shoulder.
Usage: shuldest
the tail curves gently clockwise.
Usage: shoueth
'h' is crossed when in final position following 't' in 'th' combination.
Usage: aspre
modern 'r' used in all positions.
Usage: arresten
the stem is set at an angle.
Usage: fortune
'z'-shaped 'r' only used after 'o'.
Usage: hir
'r' with flourish in final position.
Usage: seyles
kidney shaped 's' is used in final position.
Usage: self
long 's' in initial position. Long 's' is used as both initial and medial letter form.
Usage: sup(er)ba
display letter used in a heading.
Usage: oþ(er)while
rounded 'w' with closed head-loops.
Usage: Ewripe
Usage: wyndis
the 'double-v' formation is visible in this graph.
Usage: thyne
the tail of 'y' varies in length and curvature.
Usage: mayst
Usage: mynde
tail of 'y' varies according to space.
Usage: chau(n)gen
instead of a macron, the scribe sometimes uses a flourish attached to the letter to indicate the missing letter, even as here, in the middle of a word.
Usage: seed(es)
abbreviation for plural ending 'is/es'.
Usage: man(er)e
'er' abbreviation in the middle of the word 'man(er)e'.
Usage: to(ur)ny(n)g
with 'ur' and macron abbreviations.
Upper Case Letters
Usage: Ewripe
upper case letters, as here 'E', are tipped with red.
Usage: Glose
Usage: O
Usage: Cam
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