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Current Manuscript:London, British Library, Royal 18 B.XVII
Sampled Folios:14r
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Usage: and
'a' is single compartment. It sometimes has a horned head.
Usage: after
the more usual triangular shape of the lobe of 'a' with thinner strokes or hairlines to connect.
Usage: as
Usage: A
Usage: depe
'd' comes in a variety of different forms, both looped and unlooped. The bowl may be angular or rounded.
Usage: dale
this cursive 'd' is used frequently at the beginning of a word.
Usage: good
looped 'd' may be used, often in final position.
Usage: holden
'd' with down-stroke angled back over preceding graphs at a forty-five degree angle is used on several occasions where 'd' occurs within a word.
Usage: gile
a scoop-shaped bow with horizontal hairline and tail curving clockwise beneath preceding graphs.
Usage: Werchung
Usage: sawgh
Usage: thing(es)
the horizontal cross-stroke connects to the abbreviative form of 'es'.
Usage: hilles
the looped head of 'h' leans heavily to the right. The short limb is thick but continues into the tail which curves down beneath the graph then turns sharply and runs back parallel to connect with the following graph.
Usage: trewth
Usage: the
the second part of the graph sometimes becomes a continuation and extension of the stem.
Usage: deth
Usage: tower
horned 'e' followed by an 'r' which is a zig-zag.
Usage: somer
this type of 'r' is mostly used in final position.
Usage: treason
'z'-shaped 'r' with a second side is sometimes used in medial positions.
Usage: therafter
two versions of 'r' in this word.
Usage: sawgh
long 's' is used in initial and medial positions.
Usage: as
a 6-shaped 's' is used in final position.
Usage: treason
Usage: sellies
Usage: welth
'w' looks like 'r' followed by a squarish compartment. It is a difficult graph to untangle from surrounding letters.
Usage: wikkid
Usage: trewth
Usage: awhile
Usage: you
the body of the 'y' graph remains consistent. The tail varies in length and angle after it turns in reverse.
Usage: many
Usage: lykerouse
Usage: trechery
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