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Scribal Profile
Current Manuscript:Scotland, Glasgow, Glasgow University Library MS Hunter 409 (V.3.7)
Sampled Folios:57v, 149v
Example Page:Display a full page showing this scribe's hand
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Usage: answeryng
the hand is controlled with evenly formed graphs. 'a's are all double compartment with down-stroke slightly angled at the head.
Usage: man
both compartments are about the same size.
Usage: that
a rather more exaggerated curve on the down-stroke.
Usage: And
where upper case 'A' is used, it is always in this mode on the folios examined.
Usage: deth
variation in the scribe's unlooped 'd' depends on the extent of curve at the head.
Usage: and day
Usage: and
sometimes the lobe of 'd' is more of an oval shape with a point left at the lower end of the down-stroke.
Usage: Deserued
upper case 'D' with serrated left side.
Usage: guerdoun
the scribe has two versions of 'g'. On one of the folios examined he uses only the double compartment version of the graph.
Usage: goodman
on a later folio the scribe uses only this single compartment 'g' with open tail-stroke.
Usage: thyng
final 'g's often attract a tag descending from the horizontal dash which extends from the upper compartment.
Usage: nothyng
Usage: helle
the head-stroke of 'h' is either closed as here or open as in the next example.
Usage: helle
Usage: taught
most examples of 'h' have a turned foot at the end of the stem.
Usage: He
upper case 'H' with hook extension into the left margin. The scribe draws a faint shadow line to follow down-strokes in most of his upper case graphs. 'H' also has a diamond dot in the centre of the bow as ornament.
Usage: repentaunce
the stem of the graph may be angled at both top and bottom.
Usage: other
'r' in final position frequently has a tag attached to the head which is set at an angle and extends above the graph as well as descending towards the foot.
Usage: Or
'z'-shaped 'r' follows 'O'. A curved otiose stroke extends from the lower left of the graph.
Usage: Roser
Usage: soth
long 's' is used in initial and medial positions.
Usage: was
's' is really 6-shaped with an angled head.
Usage: woundes
Usage: Semblant
a serpent-like sinuous upper case 'S' with dipping head-stroke and curving tail running horizontally and extending into the left margin.
Usage: wole
'w' is evenly formed with left and middle arms roughly equal in size. There is an angular 'B'-shaped element to the right.
Usage: warne
Usage: wel
Usage: Wheron
as with other upper case graphs, the scribe has provided a fine shadow line for both down-strokes of the graph.
Usage: nothyng
'y' may have a short tail, as here or a longer one as in the next example.
Usage: day
the tail of 'y' frequently sweeps back up with final curl to the right above the level of the body of the main graph.
Usage: myght
the formation of 'y' may be seen clearly in this example. The thick left arm descends almost to the line. The right branch begins as a thick stroke which parallels the left side but this turns midway to connect with the left arm. This then becomes the fine stroke which provides the tail.
Usage: yeue
Upper Case Letters
Usage: But
upper case graphs all with shadow features as decoration. A 2-shaped element precedes the 'B' graph.
Usage: The
serrated left side for 'T'.
Usage: If
two protuberances on the stem of 'I'.
Usage: Closed
Usage: ffalssemblant
running title at the top of f149v preceded by a gold paraph with no flourishing.
Usage: What counceil
catchword towards the bottom right of the lower margin of f149v. The scribe has taken the time to provide the shadow lines for his upper case 'W'.
Usage: FAlssemblant
gold two-line initial on part-coloured ground of blue and pink. Sprays attached to the initial rise and descend alongside the text.
Decorative Features
Usage: The
4-line pink initial 'T' on gold ground on f7v.
Usage: The bar border extends down the length of the text on the left side with floral motifs at upper, middle and lower positions. The motif shown here appears at top left with a fine spray extending above the text in the top border.
Usage: Decorative motif in the middle of the border.
Usage: The lower corner of the border with floral motif and a more elaborate spray with flowers and leaves extending beneath the text in the lower border.
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