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Scribal Profile
Current Manuscript:Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Rawlinson C.86
Identification:Copies Legend of Good Women
Sampled Folios:114r
Example Page:Display a full page showing this scribe's hand
Image Rights:Reproduced with permission of The Bodleian Library, University of Oxford, 2011; all rights reserved. All images on this website are reproduced with permission of the Libraries, Archives, and Owners of the manuscripts. Manuscript images that appear on this website remain in the copyright of the libraries where the manuscripts are held. Use of these images for any purpose other than private study without written permission of those libraries is prohibited by law.
Usage: walkyd
the scribe has a simple secretary graph of 'a'.
Usage: arowed
he also uses a more complicated horned version more akin to his upper case rendition.
Usage: Any
upper case 'A' with long, thick approach stroke which intrudes into the space for the next line.
Usage: A
the initial letter of the folio which also demonstrates the exaggerated approach stroke to the graph.
Usage: made
as with 'a' the scribe has a number of distinctive variations for the 'd' graph. Looped 'd' seen here usually sports an extended tail (as in version 2) when it is the final letter of a word.
Usage: hand
a more angular version of the lower lobe.
Usage: quod
unlooped 'd' is also used frequently.
Usage: goddesse
the two versions side by side.
Usage: Region
tailed 'g' graph seen here with following 'i'.
Usage: Region
a rounder version of the same graph.
Usage: goddesse
for most of the scribe's graphs he seems to alternate between rounded and spikey formations.
Usage: hand
a fairly conventional graph compared with others of this scribe! In this example the head is open.
Usage: she
a loop at the top of the stem and a tail extending clockwise from curved limb to form a loop.
Usage: dight
on two occasions on this folio where 'h' is in a 'th' or 'ght' combination, the scribe adds a curving stroke above the combined letters.
Usage: thynkyth
the addition of a curving stroke above the combination 'th'.
Usage: hir
modern 'r' is rarely used, but here in final position, it has a flourish..
Usage: grett
'z'-shaped 'r' is used in all positions.
Usage: Region
upper case 'R' with dramatic approach stroke beginning above the graph.
Usage: for
'z'-shaped 'r' in final position with otiose hairline extension.
Usage: goddesse
long 's' is used initially and in medial position.
Usage: was
a really neat version of the scribe's horned kidney 's'.
Usage: ellys
presumably the scribe's version of sigma 's' in final position. This graph can get totally out of hand and produces confusion when the upward extension intrudes on letters above.
Usage: arowes
a more confused example of version 2.
Usage: Bow
Usage: woo
occasionally the graph has a long approach stroke which is vertical.
Usage: Wt
upper case 'W' at the beginning of a line.
Usage: wiff
Usage: kney
as with most other graphs of this scribe, the tails of 'y' show a good deal of variation.
Usage: fayrest
Usage: wyde
Usage: truly
'y' with competition from the ascending stroke from sigma 's' on the line below.
Upper case oddities
Usage: This
Usage: Bow
Usage: Eneas
Usage: Nay
upper case 'N' with descender of 'I' from the line above bisecting the graph.
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