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Manuscript Description
England, London, British Library MS Sloane 983
MS Appellation:Medical texts including extracts from Trevisa's translation of Bartholomeus De Proprietatibus Rerum
Title:De Proprietatibus Rerum
Author:Trevisa's translation of Bartholomeus
Contents:De Proprietatibus Rerum; ff1-79 appear to be one booklet (with table of contents on 62-69v; medical texts including extract from Trevisa on ff81-94v.
Date Range:Second half 15th century.
Scribal Hands:
Examples of the hand. Click on the link above for full details and images of individual letter forms.

Dialect:LP 477; County: West Riding Yorks
No of Folios:2 newer paper flyleaves of which first is heavy and brown to match pastedown + 1 older paper flyleaf with shelfmark MS B.618 (crossed out and replaced by '983') + 113 leaves + 1 older paper flyleaf + 2 newer paper flyleaves of which last heavy and brown to match pastedown.
Pagination:Very confused; foliation in upper outer corners recto is a neat reddish-black pen foliation, up to 80 in this foliation. There is another crude black ink foliation centred on recto top margin, which goes to 74 on f80, with 75 on f81 to left of title and 78 crossed through on f84, both by a finer black ink, and thereafter the reddish '85' and on following leaf a duplicate '85' crossed through and modern pencil to left of it writes '86' and from then onwards the reddish crossed through and number one higher written in pencil to left of it.
Quiring:Leaves now remounted but it may be possible to guess at the original quiring; bifolia at centres of quires which have been mounted as a bifolium: ff 8-9 of upper outer corner numbering (11-12 of centred numbering), 32-33 of upper outer (35-36 of centred), 50-51 of upper outer (53-54 centred), 66-67 of upper outer (not numbered centre), 84-85 of upper outer (78-79 of another foliation now crossed out), 99-100 of upper outer (now crossed through) (100-101 of non-crossed through). So maybe quires of 20 from which some leaves are now missing?
Signatures:No signatures; leaves remounted.
Catchwords:No catchwords; leaves mounted on stubs.
Page Size:210 x 140; all leaves attached to paper stubs, so no way to tell quires.
Frame:Square extending to edges, no ruling, grey-brown lines may be plummet.
Writing Space:f81 is 167 x 113
Incipits and Explicits:By the scribe in spaces left between texts, usually with red box around.
Marginal Headings:In the first half of the manuscript, the scribe draws thick red boxes around headings of medical recipes, with pointed edge toward left filled in with red, a cross between a paraph and a box; on f95 in brown ink of text, with red box around 'De Arbore et Herbis' corrected by a later hand with darker ink crossing out final 'e' of 'arbore' and adding caret and above the word 'ibus' and the same textura-attempting hand writes 'nota' to left of this heading.
Table of Contents:A table of contents by folio for ff1-79 on ff62-69v by a later hand, late 15th or 16th cc.
Title by Scribe:On f81r original title in top margin in same ink as text, 'De Remediis Medicina Doloris & passione Capitis' with red box around forming paraph-like left side; 'ihc' above this in upper margin by same hand and ink as text; but added (by rubricator?) in red ink trying to write textura, 'no' bn'' to left of 'ihc' and in a red box to right of 'ihc', 'Abstractus Bartholomei de proprietatibus rerum / sequitur'.
Paragraph Marks:A box-like feature with double edge on left side, looks more like a paraph at left side; when around first line of the recipe it has no right edge so does appear as an extended paraph.
Further Information:The first Bartholomeus text, ff81-94v edited by Seymour, Anglia, 1968; the second, 'De arboribus et herbis' edited in Anglia 91 (1973), 21-34.
Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York, King's Manor, York YO1 7EP