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Manuscript Description
London, British Library, MS Harley 1337
Title:Prose Brut
Contents:Prose Brut
Dialect:The chronicle ends in the 6th year of Henry V (1419) with the siege of Rouen.
No of Folios:i (numbered 1*) + 105 + ii (numbered 106 and 107) plus newer paper flyleaves one front and two back
Pagination:Modern pen and ink foliation in top right corner in arabic numerals
Signatures:Traces of signatures; 'ci' on f17 in red ink, 'c' in red and both '3' and 'iii' in black ink on f19, 'fii' in red on f42.
Catchwords:By the scribe in the usual place with sleigh beneath in which right curve continues in a loop which crosses the base.
Page Size:297 x 230
Frame:2 x vertical; 4 x horizontal enclosing top and bottom lines in purplish-brown crayon.
Writing Space:198 x 147
Incipits and Explicits:On f105 'Here endith a book callyd the Croniclis of Englonde made & compilid by notabil Clerkis of aventuris of kyngis þat were in þis londe and howe þey dies'.
Marginal Headings:Red by the scribe within the writing space
Title by Scribe:On f1 'Here begynnyth a Book callyd the Croniculis of Englond' in red by the scribe.
Illuminated Initials:On f1 a 5-line gold initial on purplish-red ground (now almost black); blue and white foliage design inside letter; sprays into left margin with green leaves gold balls and trefoils.
Paragraph Marks:Alternating red and blue
Flourished Initials:2-line blue lombard initials with red pen-work decoration
Other Names (not owners):'J Savell' on f1*v; 'Driliglih J 1600' on f105; 'morgan Jenkyn vychun' 'Jenkyn vychun' (all ca. 16th century on f106v); david Johnys, 'Jamis varh'm', 'Thomas Parrye', 'Marget Marget'.
Further Information:Harley Catalogue 2. 8-9
Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York, King's Manor, York YO1 7EP