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Manuscript Description
Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Rawlinson poet. 10
MS Appellation:SC 14503
Title:Hoccleve, Regiment of Princes
Contents:Regiment, ff. 1-65v, ends complete 'Explicit'.
Date Range:1400-1450
Scribal Hands:
Examples of the hand. Click on the link above for full details and images of individual letter forms.

No of Folios:4 paper flyleaves + 1-65v text + 4 paper flyleaves
Pagination:Modern pencil usual place 1-65 plus 66-69 on end flyleaves, i-iv on front flyleaves.
Catchwords:In the first quire a catchword in lower margin verso of almost every leaf (ff 1-6), by another scribe, as if this one set to copy page for page same as another MS; main scribe does catchword on 8v; catchword scribe does it on 16v; main scribe 24v, 32v, 40v, 48v, 56v, and none on 64v. Written in the same brown ink as the text, ending near right frame line.
Frame:2 x vertical at either side running to edge, just ruled within, no horizontals which run to edge; 47 lines ruled with top line of text above the top line of ruling; brown crayon, no pricking survives.
Incipits and Explicits:On f65v, 'Explicit hoccleue'.
Title by Scribe:No original title, but added 16th century in upper outer corner of f1: 'Hocclef, som tyme scoller to Sir Jeffrye Chaucer knight, and after clerk of the pryvy Seale, compiled and wrote this booke
bottom f65v, 'Explicit hoccleue' by the scribe and centred below text.
Flourished Initials:On f1 a 5-line blue lombard initial with red flourishing; no other coloured ink in MS.
Other Names (not owners):From SC, vol. 3, p. 285: 'Ceste liure est asture a John Lyle' (about A.D. 1500)[bottom f1]: 'By me Thomas Lyst' (Lysl?), [doesn't say where] 'Arth: Cotton' with motto [right margin f1] (16th cent): 'Nich Lysle[/Lyle],' [f1 and f65v] 'John Webb,' [f1] 'E. Southerne,' [f1 top] 'Edward Lenton , , ,' [f2], 'Anne Weston' [f14], 'Henrici Spelman lib.' [f1 right margin] (17th cent.). Owned by Lord Somers and Sir Joseph Jekyll.
Further Information:Summ Cat 14503
Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York, King's Manor, York YO1 7EP