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Manuscript Description
Scotland, Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Library MS 202
Title:Regiment of Princes
Contents:Regiment of Princes
Date Range:1425-1475
Scribal Hands:
Examples of the hand. Click on the link above for full details and images of individual letter forms.

No of Folios:ii paper flyleaves +i original parchment flyleaf + 1-96 parchment text block + ii old paper flyleaves
Pagination:What seems to be 19th century pencil foliation upper recto right.
Signatures:lii on f82; manuscript very grimey in lower corners.
Catchwords:Regularly on the eighth folio verso by the scribe in the ink of the text; contained within a simple parallelogram.
Page Size:285 x 190
Frame:4 x vertical (double lines before text); 2 x horizontal; ruled within fine grey plummet and also brown crayon.
Writing Space:185 x 90
Incipits and Explicits:Stanzas missing at the end so no explicit.
Marginal Headings:Marginal glosses in red ink in the box on the outer side of the folio; titles for divisions of text marked within the text box.
Borders:On f1 a simple bar border on the left of the text with fine sprays emanating from it into top and lower margins; a thin bar of gold now much degraded, with pink, light blue and red; green wash on sprays; initial tied in to border.
Illuminated Initials:On f1 a blue initial, now a very light colour with a thin gold border; infill of initial parti-coloured pink and red.
Paragraph Marks:Paraphs in blue precede the marginal glosses; on ff64r, 68r they appear more like two lines running the length of the gloss.
Flourished Initials:Lombard captials alternating in blue and red begin each stanza but no flourishing.
Miscellaneous Info:On flyleaf ii 'Poems by Thomas Occleve or Hoccleve. MS. of the early part of the 15th century. See Warton's History of English Poetry, vol. II p. 38
on penultimate flyleaf at the back is the following : 'Two leaves are apparently wanting in this volume, and might be supplied from a similar manuscript in the Advocates' Library...viz. 8 stanzas of the poem, and 3 additional stanzas entitled 'Verba compilatoris ad Librum, and having this colophon Explicit Liber de Principum Regimine
then in pencil beneath 'Ends with EETS ed. (1847) stanza 769. Stanza 770-777 and envoy 778-780 wanting'.
Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York, King's Manor, York YO1 7EP