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Scribal Profile
Hand 2
Current Manuscript:Scotland, Glasgow, Glasgow University Library MS Hunter 59 (T.2.17)
Sampled Folios:118r, 129v, 130v
Example Page:Display a full page showing this scribe's hand
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Usage: tempora
the size of upper and lower compartments of 'a' varies. Here the lower compartment is bigger than the upper compartment.
Usage: caput
here the upper compartment is greater than the lower.
Usage: Ad
the scribe has several upper case 'A's usually with squared-off lobe and a head-stroke either closed, as here or open as in the next example.
Usage: Absit
Usage: dedit
lower case 'd' is generally formed consistently. As in the second 'd' of this sample, the upper loop is not closed, with stroke turning before resolving on the angled left stroke of the lobe.
Usage: dampna
Usage: Qd
as with the first scribe of this manuscript, the 'd' of 'Qd' has a tag from the centre of the upper loop which arcs up before descending.
Usage: Dirigat
a 2-shaped element precedes the graph. A single vertical line bisects the graph.
Usage: gestis
as with 'a', the 'g' graph has both compartments of a size which varies. Here the lower compartment has a horizontal aspect.
Usage: magnus
a much larger upper compartment in this sample.
Usage: gesta
the upper compartment has a hairline joining the two straight sides.
Usage: Gower
an otiose decorative flourish from the head of 'G'.
Usage: habeat
almost all the scribe's 'h's have a tail-stroke which curls round very close to the body of the graph and finishes on a level with the foot present at the lower end of the stem.
Usage: honore
another example showing the awkward tucking away of the tail-stroke.
Usage: henrici
from the top line on the folio, so a heightened stem with decorative dots to the left and tail-stroke flicking out.
Usage: Hostes
upper case 'H' at the beginning of a line.
Usage: terre
this scribe selects between modern 'r' on some folios and long 'r' on others.
Usage: terris
long 'r' chosen for the addition of the 'Carmen' text.
Usage: vmbra
'z'-shaped 'r' used after 'o' and round-bodied graphs.
Usage: Rex
Usage: set
long 's' used initially and medially.
Usage: rebelles
angular 8-shaped 's' used in final position.
Usage: receptus
an 's' in final position with horizontal extension of the head.
Usage: Sic
Usage: ysaias
a single 'y' on the folios examined.
Upper Case Letters
Usage: Que
serrated edges to the 'Q', 'O', and 'E' graphs.
Usage: Omnis
a vertical line bisects all these graphs.
Usage: Et
Usage: O
the scribe also has upper case graphs in his repertoire which resemble those of the first scribe with hairline set at an angle closing off the head and double parallel lines within.
More Upper Case Letters
Usage: Arbous
a further example of 'A' resembling that of the first scribe.
Usage: Istud
'I' with a cross-stroke across the stem.
Usage: Plebe
Usage: Labitur
upper case 'L' with loop extending into the margin to the left of the stem.
Usage: Henrici Iura
examples of the way in which the scribe dots his 'i's. This example is on the top line of the folio and the scribe tends to use this elaborate mark where he has space.
Usage: visa
this scribe adds the punctus elevatus at the ends of most lines in some texts.
Usage: dignu(m)
a curving macron with looped end.
Usage: Pars
decorative mark preceding 'Pars' which is in the place of a running title in the upper margin.
Decorative Features
Usage: O
3-line pen-flourished initial.
Usage: Set
single-line pen-flourished initial with purple flourishing.
Usage: Rex
Usage: Carmen
addition in a darker ink to the title of 'Carmen'.
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