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Scribal Profile
Hammond Scribe
Profiles for this Scribe:
6. London, British Library MS Harley 2251
Current Manuscript:London, British Library MS Harley 2251
Identification:Notes made by John Stow
Sampled Folios:2v, 63v
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Usage: makith
single compartment 'a' is used throughout. The scribe uses a mixture of anglicana and secretary graphs.
Usage: Albyoun
upper case double-lobed 'A'.
Usage: Caane
Usage: Normandye
looped 'd' is used throughout.
Usage: Beryed
'd' in final position almost always has the attached tag.
Usage: Distroyed
the scribe employs two different forms of upper case 'D'. This 'D' occurs at the beginning of a line.
Usage: Duk
upper case 'D' for 'Duk'.
Usage: Reigned
double compartment 'g' is used throughout.
Usage: writyng
as with 'd', when 'g' is used in final position it always has an attached sloping tag.
Usage: Gan
Usage: godward
'g' in initial position.
Usage: had
the form of 'h' is consistent. The limb is generally straight.
Usage: makith
in the 'th' and 'gh' combinations, 'h' is usually crossed, whereas in the 'ght' combination, no crossed 'h' is visible on this folio.
Usage: His
upper case letter at the beginning of a line. The only difference between this and the lower case graph is in the looping extension clockwise of the tail.
Usage: right
'z'-shaped 'r' used in every position. There is only one example of long 'r' on this folio as seen in version 2.
Usage: herry
the only instance of long 'r' on this folio.
Usage: Redyng
upper case 'R' with approach stroke to the angled stem.
Usage: bokes
sigma 's' used in final position.
Usage: sone
the head-stroke of 's' arches over several letters.
Usage: possessioun
two pairs of long 's's. Note that the second 's' is much taller than the first in each case.
Usage: Steph(e)n
Usage: Crowne
'w' comprises a double 'v'.
Usage: Wynchestre
possibly the scribe's upper case 'W' for the name of the town. The left limb is slightly taller than the rest of the graph.
Usage: Whos
upper case letter at the beginning of a line.
Usage: kyng
Usage: Cronycle
sometimes the tail of 'y' is very short.
Usage: Yeeris
the beginning of a line with 'Y' in upper case position.
Usage: mencioun
a very idiosyncratic flourish on 'n'. It does not stand as a macron for a missing 'u' so appears to be an entirely flamboyant rendering by the scribe.
Usage: Albyoun
Usage: possessioun
Usage: successioun
N and C
Usage: Next
upper case 'N' is quite individual.
Usage: Nyntene
Usage: Croniclere
upper case 'C' with detached head-stroke and 'tongue' stroke in the centre of the graph.
Usage: Crowne
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