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Manuscript Description
Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Bodley 221
MS Appellation:SC 27627
Title:Hoccleve, Series, Lydgate, Dance of Death, Hoccleve, Regiment of Princes
Author:Hoccleve and Lydgate
Contents:Hoccleve's Series, Lydgate's Dance of Death or Danse Macabre, Hoccleve's Regiment of Princes (ff 62v-130v, atelous, with catchword for continuing at bottom of f130v).
Date Range:1450-1475
Scribal Hands:
Examples of the hand. Click on the link above for full details and images of individual letter forms.

Material:Combination; parchment outer and inner leaves, paper rest
No of Folios:1 paper flyleaf + 130 text block mixed paper and parchment + 1 paper flyleaf numbered 131
Pagination:Foliation in upper outer rectos by hand like (or identical with) the Digby foliator, stylized arabics with 8 on its side, etc.
Quiring:Quires of 26 of which inner and outer bifolia are parchment.
Signatures:Signatures survive in lower outer margin rectos of first 13 leaves of each quire, first quire 'cross', second 'a', and roman numerals after, but next after quire 'a' is quire 'o' ('o I' on f46, etc.) and next quire beginning 72 looks like a t with macron over it.
Catchwords:By the scribe three quarters down lower margin and running up to right frame line, unembellished.
Page Size:292 x 205
Frame:Simple box frame, not ruled.
Writing Space:205 x ruled for 110, verse lines c. 95-100
Incipits and Explicits:Rubric explicits, that were built into the series, for example on f52v 'Here endith þe tale of Jonathas and of a wiikked woman and begynnyng þe moralite' in space left for them, written in red but same size script as text and by scribe.
Marginal Headings:Rubric glosses in outer margins by the scribe.
Table of Contents:By Skeat in 1890 on fi and ii which is a small bifolium pasted to first flyleaf, giving contents by folio.
Paragraph Marks:Alternating red and blue paraphs mark each stanza with no space left between. Red line between stanzas also, as well as red rhyme markers to right of lines of verse.
Flourished Initials: 4-6-line blue lombard initials with red penwork.
Other Names (not owners):On f129v 'John Kinderley' 16th cent; f1 'Lidgates poems. R. Myddelton Massey' (who gave to Bodleian) and record of gift of the MS by Hudson.
Miscellaneous Info:NB. This manuscript has the exact same contents as Laud misc. 735, same layout and decoration, same mixed paper and parchment.
Further Information:SC 27627.
Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York, King's Manor, York YO1 7EP