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Manuscript Description
Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Digby 72, part II
MS Appellation:SC 1673
Contents:Astrological tables; Treatises from both 14th and 15th centuries; Astrolabe (imperfect) ff79-109
Date Range:1425-1450
Scribal Hands:
Examples of the hand. Click on the link above for full details and images of individual letter forms.

No of Folios:In Astrolabe section, part 2: 29 paper + 3 vellum
Quiring:1(14), 2(14), 3
Signatures:Some remain in the first quire and would have been ai-avij.
Page Size:210 x 138
Writing Space:154 x 100
Miscellaneous Info:The different tracts were probably assembled by Allen himself.
Further Information:In the ownership of Thomas Allen whose books went to Digby in 1632 on his death and thence to the Bodleian in 1634. Macray, W. D. 'Bodleian Library Quarto Catalogues: IX Digby Manuscripts', a reproduction of the 1883 catalogue with notes on Macray's descriptions of the manuscript by R. W. Hunt and A. G. Watson, Oxford Bodleian Library 1999.
Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York, King's Manor, York YO1 7EP