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Manuscript Description
Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Rawlinson D.913, Part 9
MS Appellation:SC 13679
Contents:A MS of 34 fragments including Astrolabe which is the ninth item and numbered ff23-42. The first part of this item has become separated and is now contained in a separate grey folio kept in the Rawlinson D 913 Box.
Language:English and Latin
Date Range:1425-1450
Scribal Hands:
Examples of the hand. Click on the link above for full details and images of individual letter forms.

No of Folios:23-42
Quiring:First two quires of 8 last quire of 6 with two missing.
Signatures:Some signatures b and ci-iiij
Page Size:220 x 145
Frame:Some dry-point with pricking still visible. Some ruling in purple ink now very faded. Simple box with 2 x vertical and 2 x horizontal.
Writing Space:148 x 105
Marginal Headings:Headings for 'prologus', descriptio astrolabii' etc, but only in the first quire.
Illuminated Initials:On opening folio a five-line gold initial 'L' with spray decoration in top border and side margin.
Flourished Initials:Blue 2-line lombard initials flourished with red begin each section.
Miscellaneous Info:Part of the text has been corrected in places and there is additional material in some margins. Splendid diagrams lacking any coloured ink notations and seemingly unfinished. Fol. 26r has notes in the bottom margin.
Further Information:Catal. Codd. Mss. Bibl. Bodl. Macray, W. D., part V, pp. 136-143. See Skeat's description in the Chaucer Society publication of 1872 and described at p.ix of his 'Preface' under the old number of Rawlinson Misc., 1370.
Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York, King's Manor, York YO1 7EP