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Scribal Profile
Hooked G Scribe
Profiles for this Scribe:
1. USA, Washington, DC, Folger Shakespeare Library MS V.b.29
Current Manuscript:USA, Washington, DC, Folger Shakespeare Library MS V.b.29
Sampled Folios:47r
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Usage: al
the scribe uses single compartment 'a'.
Usage: al
a slightly simpler version of 'a' without curved head-stroke.
Usage: And
the scribe has several upper case 'A's.
Usage: As
a second version of 'A' which is more formally executed than the previous example.
Usage: duelleth
unlooped 'd' in initial position. The scribe also has a looped 'd' in his repertoire.
Usage: And
unlooped 'd' in final position frequently sports a curving descending otiose stroke.
Usage: And
looped 'd' in final position.
Usage: vnderstond
both looped and unlooped 'd' in this example.
Usage: goddes
tailed 'g' with horizontal head-stroke and short tail.
Usage: Thenking
'g' in final position again with short tail, horizontal head-stroke and tag.
Usage: degre
a slightly different form of 'g' in medial position.
Usage: hermegilde
'g' in the red ink of the internal gloss.
Usage: he
'h' in initial position. 'h' is an evenly formed graph appearing to tilt slightly to the right because of slope of the main stem.
Usage: such
'h' in final position. Again, the graph appears to be toppling towards the right.
Usage: shuld
the angle of the 's' followed by the slope of 'h' is then followed by three graphs which appear to be upright.
Usage: Hou
the 'H' graph at the beginning of a line. Upper case 'H' is distinctive in form.
Usage: riches
modern 'r' used in initial position. 'Z'-shaped 'r' is also used in initial position.
Usage: hir
modern 'r' in final position. Again, 'z'-shaped 'r' is also used in final position. There does not seem to be any consistent pattern to the usage of the two graphs.
Usage: array
double 'r' in the middle of a word uses modern 'r' graph.
Usage: ride
'z'-shaped 'r' in initial position.
Usage: she
long 's' used in initial and medial positions.
Usage: thus
kidney-shaped 's' is used in final positions.
Usage: Constaunce
long 's' in medial position. Note the separate scooped head-stroke.
Usage: Confessionem
'ss' graphs in the gloss in red ink.
Usage: wist
'w' is mainly consistently formed with loops at the head and a single lobe for the final element.
Usage: vn wedded
a different form of the 'w' graph.
Usage: with
yet another form of 'w' which pops up occasionally.
Usage: With
'w' in initial position in a line. All other initial line graphs are separate upper case letters. It may be that this form of 'w' represents the scribe's upper case graph but he also uses an enlarged version of the graph in version 1.
Usage: yeue
'y' in initial position. 'y' is frequently dotted.
Usage: redy
'y' in final position.
Usage: Ayein
'y' used in preference to 'g'.
Usage: tyme
'y' in medial position with barely noticeable tail on 'y'.
Upper Case Letters
Usage: But
upper case 'B' with spike from the main ascender extending above the graph. The scribe does not always use this version of 'B'.
Usage: In
upper case 'I'.
Usage: O
upper case 'O' with descending curved stroke within.
Usage: Thenking
one version of the scribe's upper case 'T'.
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