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Scribal Profile
Trinity Anthologies Scribe
Profiles for this Scribe:
2. Cambridge, Trinity College MS R.3.21 (601)
Current Manuscript:Cambridge, Trinity College MS R.3.21 (601)
Folios:1-32v, 49v(line 5)-320
Sampled Folios:238r, 245v
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Usage: an
lower case 'a' is always the secretary form.
Usage: A
Usage: Auees
Usage: Pater
square single compartment 'a' with horn at the head.
Usage: honde
'd' is mainly looped.
Usage: hede
occasionally the scribe does not loop 'd'.
Usage: Drede
Usage: gladnesse
the scribe's secretary 'g' has the horizontal cross-stroke at the head and a reverse turn on the tail-stroke.
Usage: ryght
Usage: kyng
Usage: hyr
Usage: here
it is possible to see the scribe looping up from the curving tail stroke to link to the next letter.
Usage: Her
licence to extend the tail-stroke into the left margin.
Usage: the
'h' on the top line. The scribe often extends the ascenders on a top line and turns the stroke at the top to form a sort of loop before the curving descender.
Usage: cryste
modern 'r' used except after 'o' and consonants when 'z'-shaped 'r' is used.
Usage: theyr
'r' with flourish in final position.
Usage: pray
Usage: Remembryd
Usage: was
sigma 's' used intermittently as final 's' on this folio.
Usage: hys
probably the form most favoured for final 's' on these folios.
Usage: Shew
upper case letter at the beginning of a line.
Usage: stodyn
long 's' used initially and medially.
Usage: whyche
Usage: owte
Usage: Wt
'W' in upper case position at the beginning of a line.
Usage: whyche
Usage: hys
Usage: away
Upper Case Letters
Usage: Bothe
some of the scribe's upper case letters are quite distinctive as with 'B' seen here.
Usage: Nat
upper case 'N' is of simple form with a long curving approach stroke.
Usage: Of
'O','C' and 'E' frequently have a diagonal line through the letter.
Usage: Toke
upper case 'T' has the same bisecting stroke. The head-stroke of 'T' often curves round in a complete circle which may be the case here although difficult to see.
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