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Scribal Profile
William Cotson de Dunstaple canonicus
Profiles for this Scribe:
1. England, Manchester, Chetham's Library MS 6709
Current Manuscript:England, Manchester, Chetham's Library MS 6709 (Mun. A.4.104)
Sampled Folios:160r, 173r, 272r, 274v
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Usage: and
single compartment 'a' is used as the lower case graph.
Usage: Areste
in the middle of a line and on several other occasions too. The basic shape for the upper case graph.
Usage: Among
the basic graph is elaborated in a variety of ways.
Usage: A woman
Usage: devyse
both looped and unlooped 'd' are used.
Usage: doth
a long thick stem for unlooped 'd'.
Usage: did
looped 'd's with pointed lower lobes. 'd' in final position has an extended loop stroke which turns down to finish in the form of a tag.
Usage: Dunstaple
the upper case graph.
Usage: A geyn
tailed 'g' with counter-clockwise turn on the tail.
Usage: long
'g' in final position with extension of the horizontal slash and final upward curl.
Usage: Among
in this example, the tail of 'g' is much longer, turns clockwise and then continues in a horizontal line beneath the previous graphs.
Usage: Gwerdon
Usage: heere
'h' with looped head resting on the shoulder and long tail-stroke which turns clockwise and then loops back on itself.
Usage: nyght
Usage: Hard
upper case 'H' with extended tail-stroke which descends clockwise into the margin then loops back on itself.
Usage: Her
Usage: radde
modern 'r' and 'z'-shaped 'r' are used in all positions.
Usage: othyr
'z'-shaped 'r' is used in all positions.
Usage: frowarde
Usage: Reu(er)ence
an elaborate upper case 'R'.
Usage: socowre
long 's' is used in initial and medial positions.
Usage: As
a horned secretary 's' in final position.
Usage: was
a very angular 8-shaped 's' is also used in final position.
Usage: Swayn
upper case 'S' with otiose strokes ascending from the head and descending from the bottom of the graph.
Usage: were
the scribe uses a variety of 'w' graphs. Here the head is looped but the lower limbs form sharply angled 'v's.
Usage: well
this graph occurs in the middle of a line so one might assume that it is not the upper case graph. The curved approach to an angled head leads in to a cursive shape for a double 'v' form with single lobe to the right.
Usage: wtowte
Usage: Within
a different upper case version with angled foot at the base of the left limb.
Usage: myn
'y' only varies in the length and curve of the tail-stroke.
Usage: gylty
Usage: day
Usage: Saynte
Upper Case Letters
Usage: Nevyr
Usage: Be
Usage: Of
Usage: To
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