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Scribal Profile
Thomas Hoccleve
Profiles for this Scribe:
1. England, Durham, University Library MS Cosin V.III.9
Current Manuscript:England, Durham, Durham University Library MS Cosin V.III.9
Sampled Folios:79v
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Usage: an
a typical Hoccleve flat-topped 'a'.
Usage: fadir
a less angular version of 'a'.
Usage: And
Hoccleve's defining upper case 'A' which may be used in conjunction with other features as a classic Hoccleve letter form.
Usage: Al
Usage: deeth
'd's usually have a neat, quite upright upper loop and an oval lower lobe.
Usage: dyuyse
in this example the lower lobe is more pointed.
Usage: hadde
Usage: Regned
Usage: greet
Hoccleve has several forms of 'g' but again, this example is what Mooney describes as his 'coathanger 'g''.
Usage: good
the horizontal cross-stroke is not in evidence in this example. The tail of 'g' turns counter-clockwise.
Usage: wight
Usage: ryng
Usage: which
Hoccleve's 'h's are frequently tilted. The limb is often short with no curving continuation.
Usage: ooth
occasionally, as here at the end of a line, the tail-stroke is flicked into reverse.
Usage: oghte
'h' after 'g' is frequently crossed.
Usage: His
upper case 'h' which is merely an enlarged version of the lower case graph.
Usage: ryng
on this folio, modern 'r' is used always in initial position and sometimes in medial position.
Usage: fadir
on this folio, long 'r' is used in medial and final positions.
Usage: brooch
'z'-shaped 'r' is used after vowels and round-bodied graphs.
Usage: Rome
a long, curved lead-in stroke curving upwards from beneath the body of the graph.
Usage: so
Hoccleve has several versions of long 's'. Here a typical slanted stem, thickly scribed with squarish head-stroke and extension down to the following vowel.
Usage: sones
(final 's') kidney-shaped 's' with horned extension is used in final position.
Usage: shoop
the shaft of long 's' is frequently a split stroke.
Usage: seide
a feature of Hoccleve's work is the occasional long 's' with head extending over several of the following graphs, or even as here, over the entire word.
Usage: wys
although Hoccleve has other 'w' graphs, this type is used exclusively on the folio sampled.
Usage: thow
Usage: byqwethe
Usage: With
Usage: y
again, the long tail of 'y' which curls back up to end above the graph, sometimes with added dot or hook to finish, is a classic Hoccleve usage.
Usage: they
Usage: byynge
Usage: ryng
Usage: þt
thorn is only used on this folio for the 'that' abbreviation.
Usage: þt
superscript 't' is usually set above the thorn and to the right.
Usage: þt
Usage: þt
Upper Case Letters
Usage: Vnmeeble
many of Hoccleve's upper case graphs are flamboyant in style.
Usage: Iewelles
Usage: My
Usage: Thee
Usage: feere
an example which shows horned 'e' but also a circular 'e' graph to finish.
Usage: whiche
'e' in final position frequently sports a tag or tongue.
Usage: purchacynge
'p' in initial position has a hooked angled leading stroke at the head.
Usage: shoop
'p' in final position has a leading stroke which is not quite so angled.
Usage: may but
Hoccleve uses a variety of punctuation marks to separate out phrases as here with a simple virgule.
Usage: lefte al
a punctus elevatus is used in this example.
Usage: bed he
another form of separator.
Usage: the iii(de) sone
punctus marks used before and after the number and the 'de' abbreviation.
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