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Scribal Profile
Richard Osbarn
Profiles for this Scribe:
5. USA, San Marino, CA, Henry E. Huntington Library MS HM 114
Current Manuscript:USA, San Marino, CA, Henry E. Huntington Library MS HM 114
Sampled Folios:49r, 192r, 210r
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Image Rights:This item is reproduced by permission of The Huntington Library, San Marino, California. All images on this website are reproduced with permission of the Libraries, Archives, and Owners of the manuscripts. Manuscript images that appear on this website remain in the copyright of the libraries where the manuscripts are held. Use of these images for any purpose other than private study without written permission of those libraries is prohibited by law.
Usage: and
the scribe always uses double compartment 'a' on these folios.
Usage: And
most of the scribe's upper case 'A's are formed in this way.
Usage: And
a slightly different version to begin the folio.
Usage: forshapyn
the lower lobe of 'a' is frequently larger than the upper compartment.
Usage: made
Usage: dede
the first 'd' in this word. The lobe of 'd' is sometimes angular.
Usage: widdist
Usage: deynte
when copying quickly, as he appears to be doing on this folio, the letters are much less angular.
Usage: grene
Usage: slombryng
'g' as the last letter of the line, seen here with curved tag.
Usage: twigges
occasionally the lower lobe of 'g' is not resolved.
Usage: preche
the descender of 'h' almost always makes a complete circle back to the body of the letter.
Usage: forth
the exception to the comment on version 1 is where 'h' is crossed in combinations such as 'th', 'ch', 'gh' and 'ght'. Then the shoulder stroke finishes below the stem or flicks to the right.
Usage: How
upper case 'H' at the beginning of a line.
Usage: Here
upper case 'H' in the explicit to Mandeville.
Usage: her
the fork of long 'r' frequently falls well below the level of the bottom of surrounding letters. Only long 'r' and 'z'-shaped 'r' used on these folios.
Usage: morow
'z'-shaped 'r' used after 'o' with curved otiose stroke from the lower left side of the graph.
Usage: Remembryng
image taken from the gutter but shows the wide sweep of the approach stroke.
Usage: is
sigma 's' always used in final position.
Usage: shottis
long 's' used initially and medially Sometimes the graph has a horn at the top as in this example. .
Usage: Such
Usage: russet
two different presentations of the head stroke of the graph, one with horn and the other which is much more rounded.
Usage: sawes
Usage: qwyk
the scribe's 'w' has a very distinctive shape in this manuscript, usually with an angled foot at the base of the left limb.
Usage: hewe
Usage: was
Usage: betyd
the tail of 'y' varies enormously in length.
Usage: delyng
Usage: day
Usage: puttyn
Thorn and Yogh
Usage: þus
thorn used for 'th' mainly for pronouns and demonstrative adjectives but also occasionally as in version 2, for 'th' at the end of a 3rd person singular verb.
Usage: droppiþ
Usage: aȝen
as with the 'h' graph, the descending stroke from yogh loops round and may continue through to the next graph. This is contrary to the presentation of yogh in the Lambeth manuscript copied by the HM114 scribe.
Usage: ȝef
Usage: I
a typical upper case 'I' by the scribe of HM114, identifiable by the looped approach stroke which dips to join the main stem about two thirds of the way up from the bottom. The stem may be fairly short as in this example.
Usage: Iframyd
sometimes the scribe continues the descending stroke and curls it round back to the main stem. The letter looks rather like a 'B' backwards.
Usage: Ioseph
upper case 'I' in the running title on this folio.
Usage: If
Usage: pardon
lower case 'p' is also a distinctive graph with this scribe. Generally a hooked approach stroke to the descender with an extension of the lower part of the lobe to the left of the stem.
Usage: Pandare
although an awkwardly angled image, this is included to show the slash across upper case 'P' which is found frequently in samples of HM114's hand.
Usage: p(ar)t
Usage: p(ro)ygne
Usage: flouris
'l', 'b', 'h', 'k', usually all have a distinctive and fairly evenly formed loop from the head of the graph. Sometimes, as here, the shaft is smooth.
Usage: bawme
the same loop from the head of the stem but this time with angled foot at the left of the lower lobe.
Usage: Bole
the angular form of version 1 with a more triangular loop and an angled foot on the stem.
Usage: bed
smoothly rounded lobe and loop.
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