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Scribal Profile
Morganus Scribe
Profiles for this Scribe:
1. Oxford, Bodleian Library, Ashmole 45
Current Manuscript:Oxford, Bodleian Library, Ashmole 45
Folios:Part 1 2-31v
Sampled Folios:3r
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Usage: shall
'a' has two parallel sides and a horizontal cross bar. The head is usually a slightly scooped stroke to join the curved stem.
Usage: a
occasionally the scribe uses what appears to be an upper case 'A' for the indefinite article and also when 'a' is the initial letter of a word.
Usage: take
Usage: And
at the beginning of a line, so the upper case graph.
Usage: doute
'd' is always looped and the lobe is usually angular.
Usage: had
'd' in final position with long trailing tag.
Usage: dyddist
Usage: Dioclesian
the upper case graph for a name.
Usage: god
a diamond-shaped upper compartment with long oval loop for the lower compartment.
Usage: strong
in final position, 'g' often has a waving extension from the middle of the upper compartment rather than a horizontal stroke.
Usage: hight
Usage: Graunte
the upper case graph.
Usage: had
angular closed head-loop and long curving tail-stroke on almost all the scribe's 'h's.
Usage: myche
Usage: myght
'h' in the 'ght' combination has a cross-stroke through the head.
Usage: He
the head-stroke is open in this upper case graph.
Usage: recou(er)yd
long 'r' is used in all positions.
Usage: her
'r' in final position has an upward extension from the shoulder which ends in a hook.
Usage: their
Usage: Roode
upper case 'R' with sweeping, thick approach stroke which begins way beneath the graph.
Usage: so
long 's' is used in initial and medial positions.
Usage: frendys
sigma 's' is also used in initial as well as in final position.
Usage: shall
Usage: Sir
upper case 'S'.
Usage: well
each limb is looped at the head. There is a 'B'-shaped element to the right.
Usage: How
Usage: vnkowth
Usage: With
a slightly more elaborate upper case graph with taller head-loop on the middle limb.
Usage: you
'y' is generally neatly and consistently executed.
Usage: only
Usage: hym
Usage: mayn
'y' on the bottom line with room to extend the tail-stroke.
Upper Case Letters
Usage: That
Usage: Of
Usage: I
Usage: Iesu crist
elaborate strap-work for the opening initial.
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