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Profiles for this Scribe:
1. Europe, Naples, Biblioteca Nazionale MS XIII B 29
Current Manuscript:Europe, Naples, Biblioteca Nazionale MS XIII.B.29
Folios:pp 1-146
Sampled Folios:p 119
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Usage: space
double compartment 'a' used most of the time. However, the first letter of each word is separated from the rest of the text. Where the first letter of the word is 'a', then single compartment 'a' is the only one used on this folio.
Usage: haue
Usage: Markis
on the top line of the folio and for that reason perhaps the scribe used a more elaborate upper case letter.
Usage: a--s
'a' which is separated from the rest of the word as the first letter of the line.
Usage: disdeyne
the initial letter of this word. 'd' is looped throughout.
Usage: lord
Usage: weddid
Usage: gentilnesse
double compartment 'g' and tailed 'g' are both used by this scribe. The upper compartment is frequently square and closed by a hairline stroke.
Usage: thing
'g' as final letter with short horizontal slash.
Usage: soueraigne
tailed 'g' with tail describing a complete arc clockwise back to the bottom of the lobe.
Usage: god
Usage: short
the tail of 'h' curves right round beneath the graph.
Usage: euerichoon
the head-stroke leaves the top of the stem at an acute angle.
Usage: escapith
'h' is crossed after 't'.
Usage: H ow
separated letter at the beginning of a line. Foot at the bottom of the shaft.
Usage: hardynesse
modern 'r' and 'z'-shaped 'r' are used in all positions..
Usage: our
Usage: vndir
Usage: Markis
Usage: vs
both sigma 's' and kidney 's' are used in final position. Sigma 's' is also used initially.
Usage: Markis
kidney-shaped 's' in final position.
Usage: schewid
both long 's' and sigma 's' are used in initial position.
Usage: soundry
although there is no reason for an upper case letter here, this may be representative of the scribe's upper case 'S'.
Usage: mowen
the double 'v' form of 'w' is the only one used on the folio examined although the scribe does use the looped version.
Usage: yowe
Usage: W hiche
upper case 'W' separated at the beginning of the line.
Usage: vncerteyne
the consistent shape for 'y'.
Usage: humanyte
several times the scribe extends the tail of 'y' to a loop above the body of the letter.
Usage: disdeyne
a right-angled return on the tail of 'y'.
Usage: pleyne
sometimes it is not possible to see the faint line up to the loop above the letter.
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