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Scribal Profile
Hand B
Profiles for this Scribe:
Current Manuscript:London, British Library MS Egerton 913
Sampled Folios:27
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Usage: atte
the scribe uses an anglicana 'a' with double compartment most of the time.
Usage: vengeance
however, he does use secretary single compartment 'a' occasionally.
Usage: mannes
the upper compartment often displays a horizontal squeezed aspect.
Usage: A
upper case 'A' with squarish lower lobe.
Usage: drough
both lobe and loop of 'd' have an oval appearance.
Usage: and do
Usage: hadde
Usage: Medusa
Usage: vengeaunce
double compartment 'g' with both compartments approximately the same size.
Usage: A mong
'g' in final position with a circle attached to the horizontal finishing stroke.
Usage: a bought
Usage: Gorgones
Usage: hert
'h' is evenly formed with curled tail.
Usage: which
'h' following 'g' and 'c' is always crossed.
Usage: drough
Usage: How
upper case 'H' with triangular head-stroke.
Usage: respicientes
there are only a few examples of 'r' on this folio and they are long 'r' and 'z'-shaped 'r'.
Usage: matiere
the final 'e' is attached to the end of the right arm of 'r'.
Usage: Bewar
'z'-shaped 'r' is used after all vowels, after round-bodied graphs and occasionally after other letters as well.
Usage: tres
Usage: subito
both long 's' and sigma 's' are used in initial positions. Sigma 's' is also used in final position.
Usage: houndes
kidney-shaped 's' in final position.
Usage: liknesse
long 's' is also used in medial positions.
Usage: Set
upper case 'S' which is circular with diagonal internal line.
Usage: what
the head strokes of 'w' are closed with 'B'-shaped element to the right.
Usage: myswent
Usage: dowhtres
the left limb of 'w' is frequently set higher than the right.
Usage: Whiche
Usage: vnhappelye
'y' may or may not be dotted.
Usage: yhe
Usage: Ouyde
the second stroke of 'y' makes contact with the first stroke close to the head of that stroke.
Usage: myhte
Usage: þat
thorn is used for all pronouns and demonstrative adjectives as well as for verb endings where appropriate.
Usage: A cordeþ
the stem begins as a thick stroke at the head but tapers to a fine point to finish.
Usage: þridde
thorn is also used to replace 'th' on some occasions.
Usage: þ(er)
Upper Case Letters
Usage: That
upper case graphs similar to those of hand A. 'T' consists of three strokes with the body of the graph a curving 'C'.
Usage: Bewar
angualr 'Z' or '2'-shaped element in front of the graph.
Usage: Ouyde
Usage: Men
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