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Scribal Profile
Hand A
Current Manuscript:London, British Library MS Royal 17 D.XV part 1
Sampled Folios:66v, 166v
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Usage: harme
single compartment lower case 'a' is used throughout the text within a word. This version is more rounded than the very angular version in 2
Usage: a
a second variation on lower case single compartment 'a'.
Usage: Agaste
the last word in a line hence no reason for the upper case letter. Where 'a' stands alone, or is the initial letter of a word, the scribe frequently uses the upper case double compartment version of the graph.
Usage: As
the first word of a line and tipped with red ink.
Usage: modre
looped 'd' is used throughout and is very evenly formed. The lower lobe frequently appears to be open.
Usage: quod
'd' on 'quod always attracts a descending tag to finish.
Usage: hadde
Usage: game
tailed 'g' is used throughout.
Usage: doughty
Usage: Gothe
upper case letter at the beginning of a line and tipped with red ink.
Usage: Grysylde
a vertical stroke bisects the graph. It begins outside the graph at the top and extends below the graph at the base.
Usage: whan
the formation of 'h' is almost invariable. The limb descends in a straight line.
Usage: knyghte
'h' is always crossed in this combination.
Usage: He
upper case letter at the beginning of a line.
Usage: rote
long 'r' is used in initial and medial positions.
Usage: maystre
'z'-shaped 'r' is used frequently and is not restricted to following 'o'.
Usage: your
the scribe uses 'z'-shaped 'r' in final position rather than long 'r', here with flourish which arches back over the graph.
Usage: Reuelle
Usage: this
sigma 's' used in final position.
Usage: sorowe
6-shaped 's' is used in initial positions.
Usage: disporte
long 's' is used mainly in medial position. Occasionally it may be used in initial position.
Usage: Sir
6-shaped 'S' used as upper case letter with 'z'-shaped 'r' with flourish in final position.
Usage: swyuede
the formation of looped 'w' varies little.
Usage: wolde
Usage: Welle
the upper case letter at the beginning of a line and tipped with red ink.
Usage: Ryotous
the return on the tail of 'y' usually follows the original descending stroke with very little space between the two.
Usage: nyghte
Usage: you
Usage: sayde
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