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Scribal Profile
Hand 3
Current Manuscript:London, British Library, MS Harley 3869
Folios:2-4v, 366v-368r
Sampled Folios:4r
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Usage: atteigne
the body of most of the scribe's single compartment 'a's are rectangular with hairlines joining the first and second down-strokes. The head may be a flattened stroke at an angle, a stroke with horned effect or, as here, one which appears to have a small loop attached.
Usage: Iherusalem
Usage: shall
Usage: At
upper case 'A' with angular appearance.
Usage: discure
both looped and unlooped 'd' alternate to no set pattern.
Usage: reioiced
Usage: made disseueraunce
Usage: Deite
unusual serrated 'D'.
Usage: grace
secretary 'g' with horizontal hairline at the head and counter-clockwise turn on the tail.
Usage: langage
Usage: Enioieng
in final position 'g' is sometimes tagged.
Usage: God
Usage: here
'h' is evenly formed with looped head and neatly executed tail-stroke which may curve clockwise or make a final flick counter-clockwise.
Usage: highe
Usage: shall
Usage: How
both 'H' and 'L' have a circular addition to the left of the shaft.
Usage: reioiced
modern 'r' appears to be used only in initial and medial positions.
Usage: youre
Usage: Tabernacle
'z'-shaped 'r' is used medially after a variety of graphs. It is also used in final position in the single word on the folio which ends with 'r'. The almost vertical descent of the otiose stroke from mid-point of the lower stroke is also worth noting.
Usage: verrey
Usage: shall
long 's' is used in initial and medial positions. The shaft curves slightly in descent and tapers to finish.
Usage: hys
kidney-shaped 's' is used in final position.
Usage: ascende
Usage: So
Usage: welcom
looped 'w' with the lower point of the left limb angular and the lower point of the middle stroke rounded as it curves round to form a single lobe as the final element.
Usage: yow
Usage: Crowne
'w' stands slightly above the top of surrounding graphs.
Usage: Where
upper case 'W' distinguished by size not shape.
Usage: youre
the left arm of 'y' is a curved stroke appearing as separate from the right but joined by a hairline to the head of the right arm.
Usage: verrey
Usage: Pryncesse
the tail may be shorter or longer and since the scribe positions his work above the line, the tail often ends at or just below the line.
Usage: hys
the tail of 'y' frequently ends with a small flick counter-clockwise.
Upper Case Letters
Usage: To
Usage: Bisette
Usage: Seynt
Usage: Pryncesse
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