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Scribal Profile
Hand 3
Current Manuscript:Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Laud misc. 416
Sampled Folios:227r, 288r
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Image Rights:Reproduced with permission of The Bodleian Library, University of Oxford, 2011; all rights reserved. All images on this website are reproduced with permission of the Libraries, Archives, and Owners of the manuscripts. Manuscript images that appear on this website remain in the copyright of the libraries where the manuscripts are held. Use of these images for any purpose other than private study without written permission of those libraries is prohibited by law.
Usage: Malencolyke
both anglicana and secretary 'a' used at random on f227r. On 288r, secretary 'a' is mainly used.
Usage: place
single compartment 'a' with hairline to close the compartment.
Usage: Aurora
Usage: And
Usage: fynde
unlooped 'd' used almost all the time.
Usage: And
very occasionally, when 'd' is in final position in a word, the scribe uses a looped 'd' with descending tag.
Usage: byddyng
Usage: D(?)avn domenyk
the letter appears at the beginning of a line where surrounding initial letters are upper case. It is also a title. Since the lobe is more pointed than on previous examples, it may be that this is the scribe's upper case letter.
Usage: virgyne
tailed 'g' with counter-clockwise turn of the tail.
Usage: loggid
Usage: thought
Usage: Glasy
strokes attached to upper case 'T' on the line above may be seen at the top of the graph and also on the left side. However, the basic shape of this scribe's 'G' is clear with vertical descending stroke to bisect the graph..
Usage: hevyn
'h' is usually formed with the limb and tail-stroke neatly tucked away.
Usage: shortly
where 'h' follows long 's', the headstroke of 's' continues to initiate the loop at the head of 'h'.
Usage: Nought
in 'ch' 'th' 'ght' combinations, 'h' often has the tail flicked to the right.
Usage: This
occasionally 'h' has an angled foot at the base of the stalk.
Usage: Aurora
the scribe uses 'z'-shaped 'r' and long 'r' seemingly in indiscriminate fashion. 'z'-shaped 'r' is not found in final position but it is used initially and medially after all letters.
Usage: showr
long 'r' with flourish. The descender of 'r' is very thick.
Usage: fflour
modern 'r' is also in the scribe's repertoire. Here in final position, the 'r' is flourished.
Usage: Rede
Usage: myrakyls
sigma 's' is used in initial and final positions.
Usage: seith
Usage: Besechyng
long 's' is used in initial and medial positions.
Usage: So
Usage: slow
'w' is a simple cursive form shaped as two 'v's. The left limb often makes no contact with the remainder of the graph.
Usage: wt
Usage: ribawdry
occasionally the limbs loop over to the right at the head.
Usage: Whan
upper case letter at the beginning of a line. The left limb is longer and has a curved approach stroke to begin.
Usage: ioy
the tail of 'y' varies in curvature.
Usage: conqueryng
Usage: brydill
Usage: Yet
upper case letter
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