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Scribal Profile
Hand 1
Current Manuscript:Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Rawlinson D.82
Sampled Folios:1r
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Image Rights:Reproduced with permission of The Bodleian Library, University of Oxford, 2011; all rights reserved. All images on this website are reproduced with permission of the Libraries, Archives, and Owners of the manuscripts. Manuscript images that appear on this website remain in the copyright of the libraries where the manuscripts are held. Use of these images for any purpose other than private study without written permission of those libraries is prohibited by law.
Usage: famous
straight-sided double compartment 'a' with crossbar is used throughout.
Usage: al
Usage: And
Usage: Assone
the shape of the upper loop varies slightly in the upper case graph.
Usage: devyne
both looped and unlooped 'd' are used seemingly at random.
Usage: shuld
tagged 'd' in final position.
Usage: founded
both angular and rounded lobes for these 'd's.
Usage: hadde
Usage: goddis
both anglicana and secretary 'g' are used, again at random.
Usage: grete
Usage: writing
final 'g' with tag.
Usage: right
secretary 'g' with tail turning counter-clockwise to finish.
Usage: heris
the tail-stroke may be contained neatly beneath the graph as in this example.
Usage: with stonding
it may also flick counter-clockwise to finish.
Usage: reh(er)ceth
the first crossed 'h' in this example seems to represent an abbreviation for 'er'.
Usage: Hit
this may or may not be an upper case representation of 'H'. Upper case 'L' also has similar protuberances on the left of the stem so this may be the scribe's way of indicating an upper case graph.
Usage: rightes
long 'r' and modern 'r' are both used to no apparent pattern.
Usage: strange
Usage: labored
'z'-shaped 'r' follows 'o'.
Usage: fader
modern 'r' with fine up-turn to finish.
Usage: sacrafices
long 's' is used in initial position.
Usage: goddis
kidney-shaped 's' and sigma 's' are both used in final position.
Usage: was
Usage: Son
the upper case 'S'.
Usage: writing
'w' is evenly formed and always stands above surrounding letters.
Usage: wisest
Usage: afterward
the size of 'w' compared with surrounding graphs is clearly visible in this example.
Usage: Which
upper case graph touched with red. The same formation as the lower case letter.
Usage: yaf
'y' usually has a short return counter-clockwise on the tail.
Usage: redely
Usage: hevy
Usage: lynyally
Thorn and Yogh
Usage: þe
thorn is not used frequently.
Usage: þat
Usage: ouȝt
the single example of yogh on this folio.
Upper Case Letters
Usage: IN
Usage: Iosue
floreated head on this upper case 'I'.
Usage: Boas
Usage: The
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