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Scribal Profile
Adam Pinkhurst
Profiles for this Scribe:
2. Cambridge, University Library MS Kk. 1. 3 Part 20 (XX)
Current Manuscript:Cambridge, Cambridge University Library MS Kk. 1.3, pt.20 (XX)
Sampled Folios:1r
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Usage: that
only single compartment 'a' is used as the lower case letter on this folio.
Usage: And
a typical example of one of Pinkhurst's upper case 'A's. The two horizontal slashes on the angled descender from the head and the complete circular approach stroke which continues down to form the angled foot on the right side are also repeated many times in this particular Pinkhurst 'A'.
Usage: And
Usage: baar
Doyle describes this single compartment 'a' as typical of the late fourteenth century.
Usage: fadres
there is little variation in 'd' on this folio and no example of an upper case letter.
Usage: word
Usage: goost
the scribe occasionally omits to complete the circle of the lower lobe.
Usage: brennyng
'g' in final position with tag is also a frequent occurrence.
Usage: Gydeth
Usage: hir
the head of 'h' is left open.
Usage: thy
here the head-stroke is looped.
Usage: Hateful
an upper case 'H' slashed with red ink.
Usage: bussh
an example of crossed 'h'.
Usage: moder
long 'r' used in all positions except after 'o'.
Usage: worthynesse
'z'-shaped 'r' used after 'o'. It is possible to see an otiose stroke descending from the left side of the letter which the scribe does not always use.
Usage: Right
upper case 'R' with sweeping approach stroke which begins below the letter.
Usage: soules
sigma 's' is used both initially and in final position as here.
Usage: Moyses
8-shaped 's' is only used once on this folio.
Usage: Sustened
Usage: som tyme
long 's' used initially and medially.
Usage: wol
again, typical formation of Pinkhurst's 'w'. The head may be either left open or looped over.
Usage: Which
the left limb of 'w' usually has an angled foot.
Usage: Wherfore
the first letter of the opening line. Pinkhurst frequently extends the limbs of the graph when 'W' occurs at the beginning of a line or on the top line of text.
Usage: was
Usage: mayde
'y' is frequently dotted.
Usage: rauyssedest
Usage: humylitee
Usage: I
upper case 'I' with either one or two bumps on its stem. The approach stroke to the head of the letter varies in length.
Usage: I
Usage: Iewerye
Usage: I
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