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Scribal Profile
Adam Pinkhurst
Profiles for this Scribe:
1. Cambridge, Trinity College MS B.15.17 (353)
Current Manuscript:Cambridge, Trinity College MS B.15.17 (353)
Sampled Folios:65v
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Usage: Man
Adam's double compartment 'a' with upper lobe standing proud of surrounding graphs.
Usage: And
one of the scribe's upper case 'A's.
Usage: And
another form of upper case 'A' with square lobe.
Usage: adoun
looped 'd' used throughout. The lower lobe of 'd' is usually quite angular.
Usage: briddes
Usage: Domus
the 2-shaped element always precedes the upper case 'D'.
Usage: sighte
double compartment 'g' with small tag to the right of the lower lobe.
Usage: euenynges
Usage: Ignoracia
'g' in the scribe's display script.
Usage: haue
typical 'h' leaning slightly to the right. The tail curves right round clockwise beneath the graph.
Usage: Thanne
exaggerated ascender of 'h' on the top line with typical decorative tremolo.
Usage: Ihus
crossed 'h' in 'Ihus'.
Usage: are
long 'r' is used throughout.
Usage: your
typical flourish on final 'r' usually denoting a missing final 'e'.
Usage: þorouȝ
on these folios, the scribe rarely adds the otiose stroke below the letter.
Usage: Reson
the sweeping approach stroke to the left of the letter is obscured by the red paraph.
Usage: see
sigma 's' used in initial position.
Usage: cherles
8-shaped 's' used in final position. It frequently stands taller than the preceding graph.
Usage: Saueo(ur)
upper case 'S'.
Usage: preise
long 's' used in medial position.
Usage: wher'fore
the head of 'w' may be looped as here.
Usage: was
either one or both arms of the graph can be open at the head.
Usage: Wilde
upper case letter at the beginning of a line. The arching head stroke from the left limb is characteristic of Pinkhurst's upper case graph.
Usage: Rotey
'y' is often dotted.
Usage: youre
Usage: Youre
upper case letter at the beginning of a line.
Adam's marks
Usage: ich
Pinkhurst's mark next to the ascender of 'h'.
Usage: boþe
the same mark against another letter on the top line of the folio.
Usage: ffor hir
the first lines on the folio.
Usage: Red box surround for commentary reminiscent of Aberystwyth, NLW Peniarth 393D, Chaucer's Boece.
Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York, King's Manor, York YO1 7EP