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Manuscript Description
Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Douce 291
MS Appellation:SC 21865
Title:Vegetius (English Translation by Walton)
Contents:Pedigree of Chalons of Devonshire with their arms; Vegetius de Re Militari; A Book of the Property of Precious Stones (made for Philip, King of France; To Know a Horse of Good Entail.
Date Range:The date 1408 is written on folio 120v by the scribe, reinforced by the tenth year of Henry IV.
Scribal Hands:
Examples of the hand. Click on the link above for full details and images of individual letter forms.
No of Folios:iii paper flyleaves + i parchment flyleaf + 1-136 parchment + i parchment flyleaf + iii paper flyleaves.
Pagination:Fairly modern foliation in dark ink in the top right of the folio.
Quiring:The first quire is of four leaves and was added to the Vegetius to explain the pedigree of the Chalons. Thereafter in 8's.
Signatures:The signatures consist of roman numerals i-iiij below which is a lower case letter. 'a', 'c' and 'e' are still visible in places. Elsewhere it is still possible to see some of the numerals but the letters have been lost by cropping.
Catchwords:Regularly in the bottom right of the folio crossing the text box line up to folio 91v. From 99v the catchwords appear half way up the lower margin within the text box space. There may be a change of hand at f93v.
Page Size:260 x 170
Frame:2 x vertical; 4 x horizontal of which 2 enclose top line and two the last line of the folio. Grey plummet. Ruled within the text box.
Writing Space:160 x 98
Incipits and Explicits:In red ink introducing the prologues and the different chapters of the work.
Marginal Headings:Chapter numbers appear in the margins in red ink. Red headings and comments appear within the body of the text as well as certain words which the scribe wishes to emphasise.
Table of Contents:On folio 4 in red ink, the scribe introduces the chapters of the Vegetius and describes the contents of each book.
Title by Scribe:'The Pee de Gree of Chalons' in red ink by the scribe adjacent to the top line of the opening illuminated initial introduces the subject of the book. On f4 in red ink, the scribe introduces the chapters of the Vegetius and describes the contents of each book.
Borders:2, 3, and 4-sided borders in gold, blue, pink, dark red and purple. Green used for leaf simulation in sprays of fine black ink.
Illuminated Initials:Illuminated letters of blue, pink and red on gold ground. The letters often spawn the border decoration. Gold letters on ground of pink or blue define the chapter numbers.
Paragraph Marks:Red and blue alternating and unflourished.
Miscellaneous Info:There may be four hands in this MS, all very, very similar.
Further Information:ff1v-5r have the heraldic devices of the family emblazoned on pennants. ff5v-17r have scrolls of violet ink just below the last line of text which enclose the pedigree of the Chalons with male member and his wife. Below each scroll are the shields with the heraldic devices of each side of the family.
Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York, King's Manor, York YO1 7EP