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Manuscript Description
USA, Philadelphia, PA, Rosenbach Museum & Library MS 1083/30
MS Appellation:olim Phillipps 1099
Title:Regiment of Princes, Consolation of Philosophy
Author:Hoccleve and Walton
Contents:Hoccleve, Regiment of Princes ff1-77 Walton, trans., Consolation of Philosophy, ff78-175
Language:English and Latin
Date Range:1450-1475
Scribal Hands:
Examples of the hand. Click on the link above for full details and images of individual letter forms.

No of Folios:1 marbled, 1 new-ish paper flyleaf + 1-175 + 2 newer paper flyleaves + marbled paper attached to back. Note spine broken and book in 5 parts, the front cover detached, second fragment begins with marbled paper, third fragment begins on leaf after the Chaucer portrait (k.1) and ends with second paper flyleaf at back, marbled paper flyleaf at back is separate, and back is separate.
Pagination:No modern pagination or foliation except f77 and 78 and 175 in pencil in upper outer corners recto.
Signatures:Medieval signatures by scribe on first four leaves of each quire, letter followed by arabic number, so f1 is a.1, f2 is a.2, f3 is a.3 f4 is a.4, ff5-8 are unnumbered, f9 is b.1, f10 is b.2, etc., and these signatures begin again on f78 with the Walton text, a.1 on f78, a.2 on f79, a.3 on f80, a.4 on f81 and then b.1 on f86, b.2 on f87, etc to end, where f175 has n.2.
Catchwords:By the scribe, about 1/3 down lower margin and centred, 2-5 words, no embellishment.
Page Size:277 x 203
Frame:Drypoint line for left margin, then uses chain lines.
Writing Space:192 x 108 (ruled for, but lines average 95-100)
Marginal Headings:By the scribe, on f1 in rubric; Latin marginal notes also by scribe, same ink as text and with black paraphs before some.
Miniatures:The folio that would have signature 'I 8 verso' has portrait of Chaucer in margin, on ground of green-gold colour with cross-hatching and dots, dressed in grey with pen hanging from lanyard around neck and beads in his left hand, ' length portrait, well drawn.
Flourished Initials:On fol. a.1, 4-line plain red initial M, in top margin rubric 'Heere begynnyth the Book / how Pryncys sholden be governyd
on fol. d.5 verso has plain 3-line red 'H' beginning 'Hye noble and myghty prynce excellent
each of the virtues later in text begins with 3-line plain red initial, and title in red squeezed between lines although done by scribe, eg 'De Misericordia' on fol. g.1; also the Latin marginal notes, just on g.1, are written in red instead of black.
Other Names (not owners):On f175v at end of Walton's translation of Boethius, in rubric by hand of second scribe (or first writing at later time): Exokicit liber Boecij de Consolacione Phi- / losophie de latino in Anglicum translatus / Anno domini Millesimo CCCC xo per Capellanum / Johannem Tebaud Alias Watyrbeche'.
Further Information:Seymour description of Regiment manuscripts.
Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York, King's Manor, York YO1 7EP