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Manuscript Description
Oxford, St John's College MS 57
Title:Miscellany including Parlement of Fowls
Author:Chaucer and anon
Contents:Three Booklets: 1. Pricke of Conscience; 2. London Chronicle; 3. Parlement of Fowls and Statutes and ordinances for a military host under Henry V.
Date Range:1450-1475
Scribal Hands:
Examples of the hand. Click on the link above for full details and images of individual letter forms.

No of Folios:1 new paper + i vellum probably the original soft cover + ii-iii vellum, bifolium, notes on 'Hoole' and 'MW' as in Hanna catalogue on ii recto + 240 paper in several booklets + iv-v vellum, the second apparently original pastedown with signs of paste remaining on verso + 1 new paper
Pagination:Modern pencil in upper outer rectos missing an unnumbered folio after 210 therefore actually only 241 folios.
Quiring:8 (see Hanna)
Signatures:By the scribe in the same ink as the text of lower case roman numerals i-iiij in the first half of the quires but often partly cropped
Catchwords:In the usual place by the scribe with a modified sleigh underline with concave left side and concave right with line looping back and curving under sleigh.
Page Size:305 x 215
Frame:Square frame in drypoint
Writing Space:210 x 125 approx.
Incipits and Explicits:Pricke of Conscience and Parlement both have explicits; 'Explicit stimulus consciencie' on f135 before deficient text for the section on 'Morte' is supplied on ff135v-137; 'explicit' for Parlement. Chronicle ends on f223 with the names of 'John Welles Maior' and 'John Atherley' and 'Stephyn Broun' vicecomites, anno decimo'.
Marginal Headings:Headings for London Chronicle and Statutes in rubric.
Flourished Initials:f1 has a 4-line black lombard initial with black outlining and black decoration extending up and down left margin; NB the same decoration is used around 'Hoole' on fii.
Other Names (not owners):MW with a crown over the W on fii; 'Hoole' in white on black ground in the shape of a pennant surrounded by decoration as added to f1. On back flyleaves are 'Dodlay' on fv in a 16th century hand; Seymour says 'perhaps John Sutton, Baron Dudley; not Edward, 6th Baron Dudley (d. 1530) who signed Additional MS 21410 (Fall of Princes) f168)' [Cat. of Chaucer Mss, 1. 24]. Also on fv 'mathew quytarell', 'Iohn Sparke oweth this booke 1579', 'Thomas wryghet bok', 'Iohn Davynant; ; on fv(v) 'nicolas Holdacruss'. On f188 is 'Iohn dauenant wryt this same
John Davenant, wineseller/taverner, mayor of Oxford 1621, whose son Robert was a fellow of St. John's, donor of the MS to the College (f1, top margin); 'On f1 'ex dono magestri Davenant Oenopoli Civitas Oxon', ie. given to the College by John Davenant, mayor of Oxford (d. 1621) whose signature occurs at f188 and whose eldest son Robert was a fellow of the College'. (Seymour, 1. 24-25).
Further Information:Hanna's Catalogue pp.75-77. The 'Hoole' on f1 in the pennant is locked to an armorial shield below which are three bugle horns, two above and one below a paling. To the right of this is M and W with black infill inside the letters. Above the black ground for 'Hoole' is 'hole w' in a 15th century hand but not the scribe's. This hand also wrote 'hole' as a key now showing in the uncoloured stalk of the 'H' for 'Hoole'. A red rose, illustrated once and started several times accompanying the verse on the red rose (see Hanna p.76) is added also, possibly at this time but possibly later.
Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York, King's Manor, York YO1 7EP