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Scribal Profile
Hand B
Profiles for this Scribe:
Current Manuscript:Cambridge, University Library MS Dd. 3.53 Part 1
Sampled Folios:15r
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Usage: ad
double compartment 'a' with upper compartment that varies in shape.
Usage: Ricardus
Usage: Ap
Usage: Alexander
the scribe's upper case 'A'.
Usage: de
looped 'd' is used throughout.
Usage: h(ab)end(um)?
'hend' always has final 'd' tagged, as does 'qd'.
Usage: impedimento
Usage: Dale
upper case 'D' for a name.
Usage: grauetur
vertical aspect to the upper compartment and a horizontal aspect for the lower.
Usage: Englyssh
Usage: magno
the upper compartment usually has an upstanding quiff at the head.
Usage: Collegiata
Usage: habent
neatly formed 'h' with fine tail curving to end beneath the body of the graph.
Usage: Englyssh
crossed 'h' after 's'.
Usage: heredes
Usage: Henry
a slightly more emphatic graph as perhaps the upper case 'H' for a name.
Usage: racione
long 'r' is used in initial and medial positions.
Usage: inquietur
modern 'r' always seems to be used in final position.
Usage: temporalium
'z'-shaped 'r' is only used after 'o'.
Usage: Rob(er)ti
Usage: sigillo
long 's' is used in initial and medial positions.
Usage: suas
both kidney and sigma 's' are used in final position.
Usage: ven(er)abilis
sigma 's' in final position.
Usage: Suthwell
Usage: Norwell
w's are rare, only to be found in names.
Usage: Suthwell
Usage: Wyntonien
Usage: Will(ia)m
Usage: lychefelden
'y' is consistently formed and may be with or without a dot.
Usage: Englyssh
Usage: Wystowe
Usage: Bykenor
the tail of 'y' may also be short and squat.
Upper Case Letters
Usage: Thome
Usage: Norwell
Usage: Joh(ann)es
Usage: B
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