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Scribal Profile
Hand A
Current Manuscript:Cambridge, University Library MS Dd. 3.53 Part 1
Identification:Similar to Hoccleve
Sampled Folios:5r, 7v, 13r
Example Page:Display a full page showing this scribe's hand
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Usage: villa
single compartment 'a' is used throughout.
Usage: patri
a second version of 'a' with horned head.
Usage: Alicia
the scribe has numerous 'A' graphs. This version is similar to the one found in many of Hoccleve's documents.
Usage: Agnete
more versions of 'A' may be seen in Wild letter 1.
Usage: deces
'd' is always looped, often with an angular, or triangular lower lobe.
Usage: tenend
Usage: redditibus
angular lower lobes and rounded loops.
Usage: Dat(um)
this may be an example of the scribe's upper case 'D', a more exaggerated version of his lower case graph.
Usage: congie
'g' is always a triangular single compartment with curving tail.
Usage: augmentacionem
the tail of 'g' varies in length and curvature. Some 'g' graphs are more 'horned' than others.
Usage: assignare
here the tail-stroke forms a lower triangle as it connects with the lower point of the upper lobe.
Usage: virgatam
Usage: homagium
the shoulder of 'h' is usually lower than minim height in Hoccleve's hand. There are some examples on these folios, but generally the graph is more upright than Hoccleve's often is, and the shoulder is more at the level of surrounding graphs.
Usage: Ioh(a)nis
'h' is almost always crossed in this name for the abbreviation.
Usage: Beauchamp
triangular head-loop and pointed shoulder.
Usage: Hibernie
Usage: redditus
modern 'r' is used most of the time.
Usage: terre
long 'r' is found occasionally.
Usage: mora
'z'-shaped 'r' follows 'o' and some round-bodied graphs.
Usage: Radulpho
Usage: sunt
long 's' is always used in initial and medial positions.
Usage: sequelis
kidney-shaped 's' is used in final position.
Usage: oeps
a very occasional sigma 's', used probably by convention for certain words or abbreviations.
Usage: Sudbury
upper case 'S' is unusual with the horizontal central stroke.
Usage: Warrewik
(second 'w') there are few 'w's in the Latin and French texts so the examples are from names only. Here a 'w' within a name so not in an upper case position.
Usage: Willmo
'W' is rounded in formation with single lobe to the right.
Usage: William
Usage: Waryn
Usage: Certesy
'y' is evenly formed and usually dotted. The tail turns counter-clockwise and frequently extends almost back up to the body of the graph.
Usage: Corymalet
Usage: Gournay
here it is just possible to see the continuation of the tail-stroke back up above the graph and ending in a curved stroke instead of a dot. Hoccleve often creates 'y' in this manner.
Usage: Sudbury
Upper Case A
Usage: A
the scribe has a number of forms of upper case 'A'. This example is similar to the type of graph often found in Hoccleve's hand.
Usage: Au
Usage: Au
Usage: Abbi
Upper Case Letters
Usage: Iohanne
the scribe has several versions of 'I' also. Here the head is more like a hook which joins the main stroke above, rather than below the head.
Usage: Vobis
a 'V' graph which again is very similar to those of Hoccleve.
Usage: Ita
a second variation for 'I'.
Usage: Bernard
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