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1. England, Manchester, Chetham's Library MS 6696 (Mun. A.7.38)
Current Manuscript:England, Manchester, Chetham's Library MS 6696 (Mun. A.7.48)
Sampled Folios:48r
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Usage: aȝein
single compartment 'a' with hairline head-stroke is used most of the time.
Usage: all
this cursive form of 'a' is also used as the lower case graph as well as for the upper case version.
Usage: astate
both versions used in this example.
Usage: And
Usage: dreynte
both looped and unlooped 'd' are used by the scribe.
Usage: clepid
Usage: stod
in final position the looped version is often used and the loop is sometimes extended beyond the graph.
Usage: Dedalus
the upper case graph.
Usage: go
'g' is tailed and sometimes the tail completes a circle back to the left side of the body of the graph.
Usage: thing
the loop of the tail curves round to form the head-stroke.
Usage: bright
Usage: God
Usage: helpe
the very cursive 'h' which almost appears to be lying on its side in some examples.
Usage: Thre
the tail-stroke turns counter-clockwise and continues up to join to the next graph.
Usage: sholde
Usage: He
the upper case graph with foot at the base of the ascender.
Usage: rule
'z'-shaped 'r' is the only graph used for the lower case letter in all positions.
Usage: craftes
Usage: for
Usage: Reynes
upper case graph at the beginning of a line.
Usage: shynes
long 's' is used in initial and medial positions.
Usage: dedalus
a six-shaped graph is used in final position.
Usage: desyreth
the thick stem and dominance of the 'long 's' may be seen in comparison with the following 'y'.
Usage: So
Usage: whiche
the double 'v'-shaped 'w' has quite a lateral spread.
Usage: how
Usage: were
in initial position, 'w' frequently has a curved approach stroke.
Usage: Whiche
the upper case graph is exactly the same as the lower case letter.
Usage: hym
'y' is almost always dotted.
Usage: wantonly
Usage: ffynde
the graph often gives the impression of being squashed.
Usage: My
Thorn and Yogh
Usage: þt
thorn is exactly the same as the 'y' graph and is also dotted, as is 'y'.
Usage: þe
Usage: pointeȝ
yogh is used as equivalent of the 'z' sound of plurals, and also of 'y'.
Usage: aȝein
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