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Scribal Profile
Hammond Scribe
Profiles for this Scribe:
8. London, British Library MS Harley 4999
Current Manuscript:London, British Library MS Harley 4999
Sampled Folios:12v
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Usage: and
the Hammond scribe's single compartment 'a'.
Usage: Realme
Usage: And
upper case 'A' to begin a sentence preceded by a red paraph.
Usage: Anno
an alternative upper case 'A' in the running title.
Usage: desiryng
looped 'd' is used as the preferred graph, with squarish lower lobe.
Usage: hold
'd' in final position with vertical tag descending from the extended loop.
Usage: lord
unlooped 'd' in the display script of the scribe for the first two words of the sentence 'Our lord'.
Usage: Denizyn
the scribe's upper case 'D'.
Usage: thynges
double compartment 'g' with larger, somewhat oval, lower compartment
Usage: kyng
'g' in final position with tag.
Usage: Burgh
'h' is crossed in the combination 'gh'.
Usage: that
the limb is straight and in this example ends on the line.
Usage: flessh
crossed 'h' in the combinations 'gh', 'sh', 'th'.
Usage: he
the scribe's 'h' is similarly formed throughout. Here, at the beginning of a line, the loop at the head is slightly larger than usual.
Usage: marchaunt
'z'-shaped 'r' used throughout in medial and final positions.
Usage: Rather
where 'r' is used in initial position, the scribe uses this version of upper case 'r'.
Usage: Our
modern 'r' used in the scribe's display script in the words 'Our lord'.
Usage: lord
as in version 3, this is the scribe's formal version of 'z'-shaped 'r'.
Usage: Citees
kidney-shaped 's' used in final positions.
Usage: saide
sigma 's' used in initial positions.
Usage: somoned
long 's' is used almost exclusively in medial position on the folios examined. Here, however, it is used initially.
Usage: opressioun
the scribe's double 's'.
Usage: wynes
'w' used in initial position.
Usage: triewe
'w' used in the middle of a word, still with an extended left limb.
Usage: Towne
Usage: kyng
the length and curvature on the tail of 'y' varies.
Usage: they
'y' is formed in practically the same way whatever its position.
Usage: yielde
'y' in initial position.
Upper Case Letters
Usage: Citee
Usage: Burgh
Usage: Towne
Usage: Port
s and p
Usage: counseil
the head-stroke extends over several letters.
Usage: whosumever
Usage: pleasith
the descender from the body of this graph is at an angle.
Usage: vpon
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