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Scribal Profile
Hammond Scribe
Profiles for this Scribe:
7. London, British Library MS Harley 372
Current Manuscript:London, British Library MS Harley 372
Identification:Hand 3
Sampled Folios:80r
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Usage: nat
single compartment 'a' used throughout.
Usage: chaast
Usage: And
Usage: And
the usual upper case 'A'.
Usage: medle
looped 'd', with lower lobe appearing as a quite angular hook.
Usage: friend
'd' with very distinctive tag extension.
Usage: drynk
a triangular lobe on this 'd'.
Usage: scourge
regular double compartment anglicana 'g'.
Usage: long
'g' with tag in final position.
Usage: Glotenye
a rather tortured upper case 'G' with vertical stroke bisecting the graph.
Usage: soothes
the limb is usually straight.
Usage: mowth
in the combination 'th' the 'h' is usually crossed.
Usage: his
tail which loops round clockwise and continues up to connect with the next graph.
Usage: rewlid
'z'-shaped 'r' used all the time in every position. Here it is in initial position.
Usage: Or
'z'-shaped 'r' in final position.
Usage: thral
Usage: redegit
long 'r' used in Latin gloss in right margin.
Usage: mannes
sigma 's' used in initial and final position.
Usage: sermon
long 's' used in initial position. This arching head-stroke covering several letters is a feature of the Hammond scribe's hand.
Usage: Sum
Usage: lesse
where 'ss' is used, the scribe's first graph is well below the level of the second.
Usage: wymmen
long curving approach stroke to the left arm.
Usage: mowth
Usage: Whan
no discernible difference in the shape of the graph for the upper case letter at the beginning of a line.
Usage: sey
there is little variation in 'y'.
Usage: hym
Usage: doctryne
Usage: sparith
the descenders are long, finely tapering and slanted.
Usage: place
the effect of the long tapering tail of 'p' and the lengthened arching head-stroke of long 's' has a real impact on the aspect of folios copied by this scribe.
Usage: wombis p(ri)vee
Usage: cuppe
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