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Hammond Scribe
Profiles for this Scribe:
14. London, Royal College of Physicians MS 388
Current Manuscript:London, Royal College of Physicians MS 388
Sampled Folios:1r, 65v, 78r, 109v, 245r
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Usage: was
single compartment 'a' used by the Hammond scribe.
Usage: Aprill
Usage: And
the scribe's upper case 'A'.
Usage: drought
the scribe uses looped 'd' with a small lower lobe and taller loop.
Usage: wend
'd' in final position is tagged.
Usage: Degrees
upper case 'D' tipped with red.
Usage: bedde
Usage: drought
anglicana 'g' with lower compartment which is much larger than the upper compartment.
Usage: high
Usage: God
the scribe's upper case 'G' tipped with red.
Usage: passyng
'g' with tag as the final letter of the word.
Usage: his
'h' with looped head and a straight limb.
Usage: host
the scribe usually loops the tail back to connect with the following letter.
Usage: How
upper case letter.
Usage: Here
a more elaborate 'H' for the opening of the explicit to the Cook's Tale.
Usage: I ronne
long 'r' is used only infrequently.
Usage: theyr
'z'-shaped 'r' is used in every position.
Usage: Ride
the word is within a line so it is perhaps unusual for the scribe to use an upper case letter. The stem is set at an angle.
Usage: array
Usage: pilgrymes
sigma 's' is used both in initial and final positions.
Usage: this
kidney-shaped 's' is used in final position.
Usage: sowke
the head of the scribe's long 's' usually extends over a couple of letters. Here on the top line, it extends way into the margin.
Usage: Southwerk
Usage: with
a 'double-v' version of 'w'. The left limb stands taller than the second part of the graph.
Usage: were
there is quite often an approach stroke to the left limb.
Usage: Wiltow
upper case 'W' which is basically the same as the lower case one.
Usage: agayn
Usage: drye
Usage: Ye
upper case 'Y' at the beginning of a line which is basically the same graph as the lower case letter.
Usage: wipe
'p' is always executed with the descender at an angle.
Usage: speede
the descender of 'p' is long and slender.
Usage: That Phebus
although with a more elaborate body, the descender of upper case 'P' is the same long, fine stroke used in the lower case graph.
Usage: shoppe
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