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Scribal Profile
Rylands English 63 Scribe
Profiles for this Scribe:
2. USA, Philadelphia, Rosenbach Museum & Library MS 1084/2
Current Manuscript:USA, Philadelphia, PA, Rosenbach Museum & Library MS 1084/2
Sampled Folios:ii
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Usage: harry
straight-sided 'a' with horizontal cross-bar is used throughout.
Usage: And
Usage: And
a rather strange shape for the lobe of upper case 'A' in the rubric.
Usage: departyn
angular lower lobe of looped 'd'. The looped head is about the same size as the lobe.
Usage: depart
a triangular shape for the lower lobe.
Usage: endith
unlooped 'd' is used in the rubric.
Usage: And
the scribe has an individual style for some upper case letters. Here the 'D' is a slight variant as version 3 of Letter 1 (a) is similarly variant.
Usage: Though
tailed 'g' with very angular lobe.
Usage: fflemyng
'g' in final position and tagged.
Usage: begynnyth
the scribe appears to enjoy adding curving swirls in his display script. See also Letter 4 version 4.
Usage: wroth
'h' often has an open head and a gently curving limb and tail-stroke which is usually contained beneath the graph.
Usage: hostelerie
sometimes there is a foot at the base of the stem.
Usage: his
Usage: Here
very elaborate upper case 'H' in the scribe's display script.
Usage: departyn
long 'r' is used throughout.
Usage: ther
'r' with upward flourish in final position.
Usage: prollog
modern 'r' is used for the rubric.
Usage: wis
kidney-shaped 's' used in final position.
Usage: shul
sigma 's' used in initial position.
Usage: his
a 6-shaped 's' in the scribe's display script.
Usage: wroth
rounded form of 'w' with looped head.
Usage: wol
Usage: we
Usage: harry
the left limb of 'y' descends vertically.
Usage: yit
Usage: begynnyth
another convoluted looping of a tailed graph.
Thorn and Yogh
Usage: þowe
thorn is used occasionally on the folio examined.
Usage: þe
Usage: lowȝe
only one occurrence of yogh on the folio examined.
Upper Case Letters
Usage: Thogh
Usage: But
Usage: Of
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