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Scribal Profile
Hand 2
Current Manuscript:USA, Austin, Texas, University of Texas at Austin, The Harry Ransom Center, pre-100 MS 143 (Cardigan)
Sampled Folios:175v
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Image Rights:Reproduced with the permission of the Harry Ransom Center, The University of Texas at Austin. All images on this website are reproduced with permission of the Libraries, Archives, and Owners of the manuscripts. Manuscript images that appear on this website remain in the copyright of the libraries where the manuscripts are held. Use of these images for any purpose other than private study without written permission of those libraries is prohibited by law.
Usage: armys
double compartment 'a' used in this section.
Usage: what
Usage: talle
where 'a' is the second letter, it often drops below the level of the first graph. It may be seen on several occasions on this folio.
Usage: Al
Usage: dar
'd' has an angular lobe and loop which extends back just beyond the body of the graph.
Usage: honde
Usage: qd
tagged 'd' in this abbreviation.
Usage: D?aune
possibly an upper case graph but apart from size, not significantly different from the lower case letter.
Usage: game
double compartment anglicana 'g' is used as well as the tailed versions in 3 and 4.
Usage: bigge
rather strange and wobbly versions of the 'g' with the first example not sure whether it is double or tailed 'g'.
Usage: god
tailed 'g' with tail extending back in a horizontal line.
Usage: þou goste
Usage: honde
some of the scribe's 'h's have a foot at the base of the stem.
Usage: seyth
the limb may be straight, as here, or slightly curved as in version 1.
Usage: chiere
occasionally the tail flicks counter-clockwise to finish.
Usage: Iohn
crossed 'h' is usual in this name.
Usage: here
use of 'r' is mixed. Both long and modern 'r' are found with long 'r' probably in the majority.
Usage: hier
long 'r' in final position with flourish.
Usage: your
modern 'r' in final position with flourish.
Usage: matere
on this folio 'z'-shaped 'r' is found after 'o', 'e' and 'i'. However, modern 'r' also follows 'e'.
Usage: p(er)ilous
long 's' used most frequently as the initial letter, though see version 3.
Usage: shall
kidney-shaped 's' always used in final position.
Usage: skynne
sigma 's' as the initial graph.
Usage: passe
Usage: way
the scribe has several versions of 'w'. Here the extended left limb has a long arching approach stroke.
Usage: trewly
'w' with closed head-loops.
Usage: wt
Usage: What
at the beginning of a line but must not be taken as the scribe's preference for the upper case version.
Usage: y
the tail of 'y' varies in length at random.
Usage: way
Usage: fadyre
Usage: feyth
Usage: þt
the superscript letter is placed above the thorn.
Usage: Þt
the only other example of thorn on this folio. There are no yoghs.
Upper Case Letters
Usage: But
Usage: Ryde
Usage: Or
Usage: I
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