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Scribal Profile
Hammond Scribe
Profiles for this Scribe:
9. London, British Library MS Royal 17 D. XV part 1
Current Manuscript:London, British Library MS Royal 17 D.XV part 1
Identification:Hand B
Folios:Hand B copied 167r-301r
Sampled Folios:167r, 241r
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Usage: passed
little variation in single compartment 'a'.
Usage: aright
Usage: And
Usage: don
there is little variation in the formation of the scribe's 'd' graph which is always looped.
Usage: chield
'd' in final position features a diagonal tag descending from the extension of the loop.
Usage: badde
Usage: Boloigne
'g' is always double compartment.
Usage: Besechyng
the double compartment 'g' has a slightly larger lower lobe. Here in final position a tag is attached to the horizontal slash (which in this example is sloping upwards).
Usage: dought(er)
'gh' combination.
Usage: whens
the scribe's formation of 'h' is extremely consistent.
Usage: goth
in the 'th' combination the cross bar of 't' extends to cross the 'h'. The 'ght' combination is not crossed.
Usage: He
even the upper case letter varies little.
Usage: Margarys
example to show the scribe's use of both 'z'-shaped 'r' and modern 'r'. 'z'-shaped 'r' is used in all positions.
Usage: reto(ur)ne
'z'-shaped 'r' in initial position. This 'r' is used for the majority of the time.
Usage: myrry
the only use of long 'r' on f167r, but used in initial position also on f241r.
Usage: she
sigma 's' used in initial and final positions.
Usage: was
Usage: besy
a characteristic of the Hammond scribe is the arching head-stroke on long 's' which sweeps over following letters and spaces.
Usage: swerdis
long 's' in initial position with head-stroke arching over the following letter.
Usage: whider
again the scribe's 'w' graph shows little variation.
Usage: nowe
Usage: Were
upper case 'W' at the beginning of a line. The left limb of the letter is longer than in the previous examples.
Usage: Besechyng
the tail of 'y' is usually fairly short and does not describe a great arc.
Usage: myght
on some occasions, the right arm of 'y' is higher than the left arm of the graph.
Usage: Yif
'Y' in initial position in the line and tipped with red ink.
Usage: spak
the descender of 'p' is at an acute angle.
Usage: Tercia pars
Usage: vpon
Usage: Pavyk
even upper case 'P' has the same characteristics.
Some Upper Case Letters
Usage: Ne
Usage: Ernest
Usage: But
Usage: This
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