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Scribal Profile
Profiles for this Scribe:
1. Cambridge, University Library MS Dd. 4. 24
Current Manuscript:Cambridge, Cambridge University Library MS Dd.4.24
Sampled Folios:9r, 182v
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Usage: fair
Usage: Ale
upper case A used for some nouns.
Usage: Amen
one of the very decorative A's used in Dd.
Usage: Ageyns
a different type of upper case 'A'.
Usage: ded
Usage: and
occasionally the scribe extends the loop of 'd' backwards over preceding letters.
Usage: qd
tailed 'd'.
Usage: Dredful
upper case 'D' with typical parallel strokes to decorate.
Usage: legend
double compartment 'g' and single compartment are both used by this scribe.
Usage: god
an example of this scribe's tailed 'g'.
Usage: bygonne
occasionally the lower lobe is not quite finished off.
Usage: Galien
Usage: hire
the stem of 'h' leans slightly, the tail-stroke turns counter-clockwise.
Usage: fight
crossed 'h' in the 'ght' combination.
Usage: Heremanno
an upper case graph perhaps indicated by the dot in the space between stem and limb.
Usage: knyght
decorated letter on the first line of a linking passage.
Usage: hire
the fork of long r is frequently much lower than the base line for other letters. The fork is also usually wide.
Usage: Surrien
long 'r' is used in every position.
Usage: ffortune
'z'-shaped 'r' used after 'o'.
Usage: Robyn
Usage: saue
long s with distinctive split stroke.
Usage: seide
used most of the time both initially and in final position.
Usage: thus
the scribe frequently makes use of this more modern 's'.
Usage: bones
last letter of line with an extravagant flourish very typical of this hand.
Usage: was
Usage: worthy
Usage: Whan
upper case W at beginning of a line and in his name Wytton on f39r.
Usage: Wt
the scribe frequently uses this abbreviated form.
Usage: companye
Usage: Wytton
the second letter of the scribe's name.
Usage: Romayn
the tail of 'y' frequently sweeps under previous letter and returns under the letter following.
Usage: companye
the word is at the end of a line.
Usage: verreye
the scribe frequently adds a hook to 'e' when it is in final position.
Usage: bonde
Usage: pees
Usage: clothynge
a really exaggerated example from the end of a line.
Upper Case Letters
Usage: I
where upper case 'I' appears within the body of the text, it is unadorned, with curled head-stroke and with a slight curve to the right at the lower end of the shaft.
Usage: Amonges
the scribe employs a great variety of upper case 'A's. Here the lead-in stroke is sufficiently grandiose to enclose the paraph which precedes the line.
Usage: Ne
upper case 'N' can be copied with or without the cross stroke on the middle bar.
Usage: And
yet another example of an individual style of 'A'. Also visible are the 'O' and 'T' on the lines below. The scribe frequently decorates his upper case letters with parallel lines within.
Usage: Romayn
the final 'n' of the word. The scribe's minims are frequently uneven with differences in length apparent along the bottom line.
Usage: noman
final 'n'.
Usage: Heremanno
Usage: endure
Thorn and Yogh
Usage: þ(er)e
Usage: þis
Usage: ȝong
Usage: ȝe
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